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Rolla Granola Review

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Rolla Granola product review Sundried

Rolla Granola was created after a trip to America where the Longden family tried some granola. They loved it and after returning to the UK, they couldn't find any products that were close to what they tried in the States. So in 2014, Robin Longden decided to create his own granola range. 3 years later, their range of granola now includes sugar-free, gluten-free, and paleo options.

There are currently 16 flavours available at the Rolla Granola Store:

  • It's all about the nuts (Wheat free with nuts, seeds and oats.)
  • Neanderthal nibbles (Vegan & Paleo friendly with sweet potato, cashew and pine nuts)
  • Caveman bite (Vegan & Paleo friendly with raspberry, almond and black pepper)
  • Berry low (Wheat free & Low sugar with pistachio, raspberry and almond)
  • Cashew craze (Vegan Friendly with cashew, macadamia and oats)
  • Energise (Wheat free with macadamia, pistachio and oats)
  • Revive (Wheat free with pistachio, chocolate and oats)
  • Cavemans dream (Gluten free apple, cashew and cinnamon)
  • Zesty caveman (Vegan Friendly & Gluten free with pecan, maple and apple)
  • Skinny walnut (Vegan Friendly & Wheat free with walnut, apricot and hazelnut)
  • Cool raspberry (Vegan Friendly & Gluten free with raspberry and macadamia)
  • Diabetic & Delicious (Wheat free with pistachio, almond and berry)
  • Nuts for chocolate (Vegan Friendly & Wheat free with cashew, raisin and chocolate)
  • Hot raspberry raw (Vegan Friendly & Gluten free with raspberry, macadamia and chili)
  • Pecan and maple twist (Wheat free with pecan, maple and apple)
  • Healthy Hazelnut (Vegan Friendly & Wheat free with hazelnut, date and almond)
  • Awesome Almond (Vegan Friendly & Wheat free with almond, date and cashew)

Rolla Granola healthy snack food review paleo snack

My favourite flavour was the Revive multi pack. The multi pack contains twelve 80g packs of the same Revive flavour. Each pack contains 20g of protein, just over 12g of sugar, and just over 18g of fat. Each pack is vegetarian-friendly and contains anti-oxidants which are good for your heart and may also lower your chance of getting some infections and cancer.

Rolla Granola is a great brand which has granola suitable for everyone, starting from £5. Check out all their flavours here. Rolla Granola is also available from SimplyFresh, sourcedbox, Budgens, and Partridges.

Review written by Matt Sladden.

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