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Kate Percy's Go Bites Review

Kate Percy's go faster food go bites energy balls

Kate Percy was inspired to change her family's way of eating after noticing her husband struggling to train for the New York marathon. She has since developed over 100 delicious, natural recipes designed to boost energy and help athletes in both training and racing. Following the success of her best-selling book, Kate released new energy ball product Go Bites. We had the opportunity to try these tasty little energy balls and give our verdict.

Hazelnut and Cacao

Kate Percy's Go Bites come in three different flavours and the first one I tried was the Hazelnut and Cacao flavour. I decided to take these on a 15-mile training run I had planned in the run up to the Paris marathon, however I ended up eating them post-run as a refuel. Well, they went down an absolute treat! Endurance training can really mess with your gut so it's important to be able to fuel and refuel with natural, healthy foods. 

All of Kate Percy's Go Bites are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free so they're kind to the stomach and easy to digest. You get 3 little balls in a pack and each ball contains roughly 42 calories. This means they are perfect to use as fuel during a long endurance event because you can parcel them out throughout the race.

The hazelnut and cacao bites which I had after my 15-miler were absolutely delicious and went down a treat! As expected, I was ravenous after burning well over 1,000 calories so it was great to be able to have something quickly and easily before I jumped in the shower and something not too calorific before I refuelled with a proper meal. The nut chunks create a fantastic texture and the cacao is really divine. It was great knowing that what I was refuelling with was all-natural and not packed with sugar, as after a long run you're often fed up of sugar having fuelled with it the entire time. 

Hazelnut and Cacao Go Bites protein balls energy booster

Apricot and Seeds

I was particularly eager to try the apricot and seeds flavour bites as I am a fan of dried apricot and wondered if these would be reminiscent of that. The balls are heavily laden with seeds, including pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and linseeds. All three of these have tons of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of cancer, and even preventing bladder stones! A diet rich in seeds is very healthy so it's great to have so many seeds in these energy balls.

The taste is great, not too sweet but also not too dry. As with the hazelnut and cacao balls, they go down an absolute treat post-run and are such an easy and convenient way to quickly refuel before showering, getting changed, and preparing a proper meal. They are also not too moreish so you don't feel tempted to overindulge.

Kate Percy's Go Bites Energy bites apricot seeds

Date and Coconut

The final flavour I tried were the date and coconut energy balls. The flakes of real coconut on the outside of the balls added a lovely touch although it did mean they were very messy! However, the coconut flavour was super tasty and the dates made them lovely and sweet. The texture was great, not too chewy but also not too soft or crumbly. The balls are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth and enjoy whether it's pre, post, or during exercise. 

vegan energy balls date and coconut


I absolutely love the ethos of this brand and these energy balls really are perfect for athletes and recreational exercisers alike. If you are an amateur training for a bit event like me, they are absolutely spot on for fuelling and refuelling and it's so great knowing that there are no nasty surprises and that these energy balls are so natural and healthy. They taste great and the texture is perfect. You can tell the recipe has been developed by someone who knows the needs of the consumer and that they have been made with care. It's a 10 from me for Kate Percy!

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