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Men's Sports Leggings

by Alexandra Parren

mens sports leggings

Whether you're wearing them for running or going to the gym, men's leggings are a key piece of kit for any active man. Come winter, tights for men can be a game-changer and hugely enhance your sports wardrobe. Wear under shorts or on their own, men's running tights and gym leggings aren't only for women anymore.

Men's Sports Leggings Features

When looking to buy men's sports leggings, there are a few features to look out for. Practicality is a big part of being comfortable in your activewear, so features like subtle hidden pockets for your valuables and a drawstring waist for a personalised fit can be the difference between a pair that never get worn and your favourite pair that you swear by. 

mens sports leggings gym tights for men running

Why wear men's leggings?

Traditionally, leggings and tights are worn by women while men will stick with shorts and joggers when working out. However, in recent times, more men have been opting to wear leggings and tights, either under shorts or on their own, as part of their normal activewear wardrobe. But what are the advantages and benefits of wearing men's leggings?


Some gym shorts can be fairly restrictive or can get in the way if they are too baggy. Gym leggings for men are designed to move and perform well and often will be crafted with four-way stretch materials which gives them lots of flexibility so that you can run, jump, lift, skip, and more without being held back by your sportswear. 

Coverage and protection

There's nothing worse than feeling self conscious when working out, and not being able to train to your full potential due to worrying about how you look. Gym leggings give added coverage and protection that shorts lack while giving more flexibility and responsiveness than joggers and gym trousers, so that you can feel comfortable and confident while you exercise. 

Temperature control

You want to stay warm and protected in the winter but not overheat in the summer. That's where mens leggings come in. A good quality pair of leggings or tights will feature temperature control, which means they will keep you warm in colder climates but won't make you overheat or end up soaked with sweat. Another quality to look for is sweat-wicking, which means sweat is drawn away from the body and allowed to evaporate so that you don't end up with chafing and discomfort. 

Compression technology

The jury's still out on the benefits of compression technology, but many people still swear by its performance-enhancing properties. A good pair of compression leggings could potentially improve your circulation and also aid your recovery post-workout. 

Men's leggings: just a fashion trend?

At Sundried, we don't believe that men wearing leggings is just a temporary fad. There are great performance benefits to be had from wearing sports leggings either under shorts or on their own, and men who are serious about their training won't be worried about what other people think of them. 

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