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Mens Gym Clothes Fashion

by Alexandra Parren

Mens gym clothes fashion

Is it okay to wear men’s gym clothes for fashion? What about mens leggings? Can you wear your activewear all day and stay on trend?

The answer is a resounding yes! If you find the right sports wear, it can serve as a functional and stylish outfit which will transition seamlessly from the gym to any social occasion. Especially if you work in a fast-paced career, wearing comfortable, technical activewear to work can make all the difference.


Keep your look versatile with simple colour palettes that are easy to match.. The Sundried colour palette features subtle greys with statement reds and blues. The Ortler Tee is easy to dress up with tailored sweatpants or thrown underneath a shirt for a casual day look which can then be worn into the gym. Smart gym clothes can be dressed up for a day look whilst remaining technical in the gym, hence their popularity.

Mens gym clothes fashion joggers fitness sports

Tailored Sweatpants

Slim-line tailored track pants are very stylish and can be worn on different occasions. They accentuate your legs and look smart. The Sundried Ortler trouser is perfect to take you from the gym to your next meeting with their subtle pockets and tailored fit. 

Avoid big logos

If you want your activewear to transition well out of the gym, you'll want to avoid large logos. Sundried's sports wear features subtle branding and styling so that you won't stand out and it won't be noticeable that you're wearing athletic apparel.

Mens casual gym clothes

Key Items for Mens Gym Fashion:

Fitted Gym Top:

A well fitted technical top is flattering as well as serving it’s purpose of pushing you through your training sessions. The Sundried Dom Tank comes in black which is easy to double up as a slim T shirt for casualwear after training, it’s sweat wicking so it won’t hold onto a smell.

Smart Casual Gym Trousers:

To wear mens gym clothes for fashion, you need to dress them up. Think more smart, less tracksuit. These gym bottoms are tailored for a slim fit, with large zipper pockets and reflective trims.

Shorts Over tights:

Made popular by superstars such as Kanye West, this look can easily become part of your gym style, and is great for those who are a little self conscious to train in men's gym leggings solo.

Shorts over tights

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