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Is it okay to wear men’s gym clothes for fashion? Can you wear your active wear all day and stay on trend?

Men’s style used to be as simple as a well-fitted suit, but nowadays men have as much choice of trendsetting activewear as women. 2016 has been the year of the rise of athleisure where function and fashion have become equally important and dominated our catwalks.

So how can you tailor your workout wardrobe to stay on trend?


Keep your look versatile with colour palettes that are easy to match to keep your look fresh. The Sundried colour palette features subtle grays with statement red. The Ortler Tee is easy to dress up with tailored sweatpants or thrown underneath a shirt for a casual day look which can then be worn into the gym. Smart gym clothes can be dressed up for a day look whilst remaining techincal in the gym, hence their popularity.A full tracksuit won’t work as a casual day look, but mixing mens gym clothes with regular fashion can create a more stylish, less chav, versatile look.

Tailored Sweatpants

Right now, tailored track pants are as important on men's runways as they are in the weight room. Spruce up your workout style with these slim sweats from Sundried , their tailored fit creates a smarter look so feel free to wear them for your (non-athletic) weekend adventures, as well.


Avoid big logos

Large logo’s scream chav when they're taken out of a gym environment, you’ll notice most athleisure trends feature discreet logo’s and are, for the most part, plain in their design. It’s more about the functions of the activewear than any big logos.

Keep it Sweat Wicking

We’re all for wearing gym clothes as fashion because we believe in finding activity at every opportunity, but, if you’re going to be wearing your gym clothes all day, you need to make sure you aren't going to smell! Sweat wicking fabrics help to do this by pulling sweat away from the skin to be evaporated, whereas cotton will absorb sweat and you’ll be followed by that lingering smell all day. View our sweat wicking gym t shirts here.

 Mens casual gym clothes

Key Items for Mens Gym Fashion:

Fitted Gym Top:

A well fitted technical top is flattering as well as serving it’s purpose of pushing you through your training sessions. The Sundried Dom Tank comes in black which is easy to double up as a slim T shirt for casualwear after training, it’s sweat wicking so it won’t hold onto a smell.

Smart Casual Gym Trousers:

To wear mens gym clothes for fashion, you need to dress them up. Think more smart, less tracksuit. These gym bottoms are tailored for a slim fit, with large zipper pockets and reflective trims.

Shorts Over tights:

Made popular by superstars such as Kanye West, this look can easily become part of your gym style, and is great for those who are a little self conscious to train in men's gym leggings solo.

Shorts over tights

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