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Mens Gym Tops

by Alexandra Parren

Mens gym top t shirt Sundried activewear

There are lots of different types of mens gym top out there. But which gym clothes do you choose? Which is best for you? We take a look at the different types of workout shirts from tanks to vests to t-shirts.

Mens activewear uk

Mens activewear is sweeping the uk, do you have your wardrobe staples yet? The beauty of activewear is that it blurs the lines between everyday casual wear and highly technical sportswear so that you can sweat it out in a hot yoga class or CrossFit box and then seamlessly transition back to the office with minimal fuss. Having a capsule wardrobe of activewear staples will mean you're well equipped for all the exercise you'll be doing, whether that's specific sports or just running to meetings.

Gym clothes

If most of your training is done in the gym, you'll want mens gym clothes that perform and are comfortable. A mens vest will probably be your best bet, especially if you do a lot of weightlifting or bodybuilding and want to show off your well-earned physique. The Sundried Les Diablons Muscle Tank is a gym vest with stylish design and made from seamless materials for maximum comfort. The clean lines and smart cut will show off your physique while the super soft fabrics will feel great against your skin. This mens gym vest will soon become a staple of your wardrobe.

Sundried Les Diablons Muscle Tank Mens Gym Vest

Mens gym t shirts

When it comes to gym apparel for men, a gym t-shirt should be a staple of your wardrobe. First you'll need to choose your fit - loose, tight, or even compression. Which one you choose will mainly depend on your personal preference but it will also depend on your goals. If you are doing running or cycling, you'll want a tighter-fit so as to be more streamlined. If you are doing heavy weightlifting, a compression top may be best for you. To learn more about how compression clothing can help your workout, have a read of our article on the benefits of compression wear.

The Sundried Olperer Mens Gym T Shirt is made from 100% recycled materials which makes it stand out from the crowd. The special fabric, which is made from recycled coffee grounds, has natural anti-odour properties and superior sweat-wicking capabilities so it won't let you down after a tough workout. It is also made with 4-way stretch materials so you'll have full freedom of movement. This mens gym t shirt is designed in a fitted style making it perfect for running, cycling, and gym workouts.

Sundried mens training top t shirt recycled ethical

The Sundried Plaret Training Top is also made from 100% recycled materials, this time from recycled water bottles. It is super lightweight and the materials dry twice as fast as cotton so you won't be left dripping with sweat at the end of a workout. If you prefer a lighter colour, the Dom 2.0 Training T Shirt is also made from recycled fabrics with superior technical qualities that will perform pre, during, and post-workout. You can wear this t-shirt for running, cycling, gym work, or any sport you choose.

Sundried recycled collection ethical premium luxury activewear

Workout shirts

Some sports and workouts require something a little more smart or formal. Perhaps you have a few rounds of golf in the diary with a big executive you need to impress. You'll need a smart workout shirt that will perform during the sport but make you look the part. The Sundried Dom Polo Shirt has clean lines and stylish colour blocking for an understated and classic look. Made from 100% recycled materials, it dries twice as fast as cotton so you can keep your composure as you while away the hours doing what you do best. It even has anti-odour qualities so that you can effortlessly transition back to the office without any fuss.

Sundried Dom Polo Shirt golf top workout shirt

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