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High Waisted Yoga Leggings

by Alexandra Parren

high waisted yoga leggings

One of the most versatile items of activewear, high waisted yoga leggings for women are a must for your workout wardrobe. We take a closer look at this exercise staple. 

Workout leggings for women

Thanks to a rise in stylish activewear and athleisure, workout pants are now acceptable for everyday wear as well as to the gym. Gone are the days of cheap, poor quality leggings which are see-through and provide little coverage. Ladies can now comfortably wear workout leggings for any occasion from lunch with friends to a casual client meeting and can look great in the process. Workout leggings for women are the new jeans and we're wearing them more and more. 

This item of activewear is so versatile that you can wear your leggings for almost anything. Yoga, gym, exercise, or just sitting around the house or meeting friends.  One of the most popular uses for women's leggings is yoga. This type of exercise requires the widest range of movement so that you can stretch and pose unrestricted. If you want more protection, then high waisted yoga leggings are the perfect solution.

womens leggings activewear sports bra

High rise gym leggings

So, what are high rise gym leggings? Well, there are three types of rise when it comes to women's gym bottoms. Low rise are bottoms that reach your hips. In jeans and trousers, low rise will have a very short zipper and will fasten near your widest point. This can be a little uncomfortable for those who are curvy or for those who don't like their stomach. Low rise was very fashionable and popular in the early naughties but has since fallen out of favour with most women due to the dreaded 'muffin top' effect.

Next we have mid-rise. These types of leggings and trousers will be about as high as your belly button. Mid-rise leggings can be favourable if you don't want your leggings too high and have a sensitive stomach which gets uncomfortable with too much restrictive material around it. 

Sundried ruinette leggings mid rise

Finally, we have high rise gym leggings and trousers. These can realistically finish as high as the bottom of your sports bra, depending on the individual product. High waisted gym leggings are favoured by those who wish to completely hide and cinch their middle and possibly by those who wish to wear a sports bra without showing too much skin. High rise leggings can feel a little restrictive if you're not used to them and can be uncomfortable if you don't like wearing tight clothing. However, they have a lot of benefits including providing more coverage and protection when working out and skimming over any problem areas you may think you have.

high rise leggings

Women's leggings for yoga

Despite being very low impact, yoga incorporates a lot of movement and so you'll want to be as comfortable as possible in what you're wearing. As such, high waisted yoga leggings can be ideal as they provide more coverage and protection and so if your loose flowing yoga top ends up exposing your midriff, your leggings will have you covered. 

Some of the best yoga pants will be made in a seamless design with multi-way stretch materials, as this will provide unrestricted and complete freedom of movement. When buying women's high waisted yoga leggings online, make sure you check what they're made from and what technology they include. You want your yoga leggings to feature sweat-wicking so that you stay dry even during a hot Bikram yoga session, as well as super soft premium materials. It's also important to check where your activewear is made as poor quality construction could leave you with holes and tears after a few intense yoga sessions.

Sundried has a range of women's yoga leggings which are made in a seamless design from quality Italian and Portuguese materials which will serve you well and come in either mid- or high-rise to suit you and your needs.

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