As a health and fitness brand, obviously we want you to wear fitness clothing as much as possible, but the hints in the name. However, recent trends have made it acceptable to be wearing fitness clothing when what you’re doing is not so ‘fitness’. So when is it okay to wear your fitness clothing and when is it a complete wardrobe malfunction?

Times when it’s probably okay to wear fitness clothing:

When you need the extra motivation to actually go to the gym.

If you wake up early before work and really don’t feel like training, kitting out in your gym wear can be the deciding factor into whether you go or not. Think “ I’ve got the gear on, I’ve got to workout now”. It’s a great way of bullying yourself into a workout. Like it or not.

When you are all day active.

If you’re the kind of person that just might run on their lunch break, or cycles home from work, or dashes off for a quick coffee break, then smart activewear is for you. There are designs out there which can take you from office to active, so that you can jump at any opportunity to be healthy and active. Literally.

When you’re doing something physically active outside the gym.

Physically active can pretty much be anything more than walking, unless of course that’s a power walk. Why wouldn’t you wear clothing that’s designed to move with your body AND be comfortable. As long as you’re doing something active, then your fitness clothing is fit for purpose.

And of course when you’re actually training at, or heading to and from the gym.

Sundried Casual Activewear

Times when it’s probably not okay to wear fitness clothing:

Stood outside the gym smoking.

This one is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen at the gym. A man dressed head to toe in quality fitness gear, from the tights to the compression shirt and Fitbit, smoking a cigarette. Let’s save the full on rant and settle for, isn’t this a complete conflict of interests? Madness.

When you just want people to think you’ve been in the gym but really you’ve been curled up on the sofa.

Sly. This one's probably not okay, whilst it may be comfortable to wear your activewear to chill, so is staying in your PJ’s. Fair enough joggers but a crop top and leggings is pushing your luck really, isn’t it?

When your going to grab a kebab/ Maccy D’s or (insert fast food chain name here).

Whilst activewear fabrics do stretch to allow for freedom of movement whilst your training, it’s not meant to be for extra stretch for over eating!

What do you think?

For now, at least it seems, fitness clothing is the new black.