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by Alexandra Parren

Sports Wear Activewear Fitness Clothing Sundried

Wearing fitness clothing as everyday wear is becoming increasingly popular. So when is it acceptable to wear sports clothes as athleisure wear?

When you need the extra motivation to actually go to the gym.

If you wake up early before work and really don’t feel like training, kitting out in your gym wear can be the deciding factor of whether you go or not. Think “I’ve got the gear on, I’ve got to workout now”. It’s a great motivational tool.

When you are all day active.

If you’re the kind of person that might go for a walk or run on their lunch break, or if you cycle to and from work, then smart activewear is for you. There are designs out there which can take you from office to active so that you can jump at any opportunity to be healthy and active. 

Sundried Activewear Fitness Sports Clothing Running Kit

When you’re doing something physically active outside the gym.

Physically active can pretty much be anything more than walking. Why wouldn’t you wear clothing that’s designed to move with your body and be comfortable? As long as you’re doing something active, then your fitness clothing is fit for purpose.

Sundried Casual Activewear

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