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Women's Gym Clothes

by Alexandra Parren
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womens gym clothing

At the gym, you will see lots of different types of women and their choice of outfit might say more about them than they realise. These are the women's gym clothes stereotypes that we love to hate and will inevitably see at gyms up and down the country.

This article is satire and is not meant to be taken seriously or cause offence. 

The Black On Black

The best line I’ve ever heard as to why women wear all black to the gym isn’t because it’s slimming but because "it’s the funeral for my fat”. Women who wear all black to the gym mean business; they need an outfit that they can easily blend with their regular wardrobe and don’t need to draw attention to themselves with loud prints or slogan shirts. Don’t get in these women’s way, their workouts will be timed to perfection as sleek as their wardrobes, with their heart rate monitored throughout. 

womens fitness clothing gym wear

The Co-Ordinated Queen

These women have got it together. They somehow manage to train with impeccable hair and in some cases even a full face of make-up. These women don’t sweat, they sparkle. Their outfits have been planned long in advance, along with their socks, trainers, and accessories. For these women, looking the part is as important as the workout itself; their dress code is like a motivational warm up and wearing a complete outfit gives them that extra edge to perform a killer workout. Her ombré matching activewear set is more for the sake of her Instagram followers than her workout. 

The Lairy Leggings

These are the women you simply cannot miss. They wear so many colours that when they run at speed on the treadmill, the blur could be confused for a firework. That’s exactly what these women are: firecrackers. Their clothing is an extension of their training philosophy; confident, energetic, and most of all fun. Most of these women will do Zumba at least once a week and are happy to give anything a go with their training. No move is too crazy and no outfit is off limits.

The Baggier The Better

These women tend to be a little more self-conscious and a good pair of sweatpants will cover any insecurities. That’s not to say these women aren't working hard, in fact that extra clothing will have them sweating overtime, but they don’t mind as they are the “sweat is fat crying” clan. Baggy women’s gym clothes tend to be popular at the beginning of women’s fitness journeys as they build the confidence and motivation to go out and get technically advanced kit.

Barely There

These are women with willpower. The ladies that make both the men AND women gulp. Teeny sports bras and hotpants cover up what makes the outfit acceptable, but every other nook, crevice, muscle and vein are on show. Their clothing may be small, but their training attitude is BIG. These women have earnt their physiques and live by the rules: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Contrary to popular belief, these women are not aliens or goddesses, but just women with extreme determination and self belief. They stick to their diets and they stick to their training and boy, does it show.

Swear By Slogans

The women who swear by a slogan don't take themselves too seriously. They picked up a cute gym top while shopping at a high street store that has slogans such as “Gym and Tonic” or “Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries” emblazoned across the front. 

Regardless of what women wear in the gym, we’re all there for the same reason: to get fit. Whether you’re the best dressed or the worst, what’s really important isn’t judging others by what they’re wearing, it’s about getting fit and healthy. 

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