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At Sundried we’re responsible – we deeply care about the environment and we don’t just want to maintain the status quo, we want to go a step further and make things better than when we found them. We are deeply passionate about charity work and we also focus on our surrounding community. We’re lucky to be doing what we love and that’s why we seek to be generous. Read on to find out how our activewear is different.

Sundried use responsibly sourced materials crafted with low environmental impact. It is our mission to protect both people and the planet. We are proud of our transparent European clothing production, sponsored by The Low Carbon Innovation Fund.

From the supply chain to the office, we respect our people and want them to share in our success.

For you to share the Sundried ethos, each item of Sundried clothing is coded with a charitable donation to Water for Kids. When you receive your Sundried apparel, enter the unique code to find out about the product and its journey. Every item we sell is uniquely coded; we want to share the experience, care and attention to detail your garment has received. Right up to the point you first try on your Sundried product. You’re looking after yourself. The least we can do is deliver you a product with the care and attention you put into your workouts, nutrition and way of life.

Our apparel performs. Inspired and tested by real athletes, using the most advanced technology. Sundried can be worn with confidence, enabling exercise to challenge your limits, not your clothing.

Together we can make a difference.

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What makes our activewear so ethical?

Recently, the world has put its attention on the global plastic pollution problem and Sundried are proud to be pioneering in our field by producing activewear made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

This material lends itself perfectly to being activewear as it dries 200 times faster than cotton, meaning you're not left a sweaty mess after a workout. It is also naturally odour-blocking and even gives UV protection.