Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Low Carbon Innovation Fund - Investors in Sundried

Sundried is partially funded by The Low Carbon Innovation Fund and we have strict policies and guidelines to ensure everything we do has the very smallest carbon footprint.

What do we mean by low carbon?

The Low Carbon Innovation Fund will only work with companies that meet the following criteria:

  • developing low carbon products or components
  • selling services to support carbon reduction
  • contributing to carbon reduction through a focus on resource efficiency, process efficiency and waste reduction.

How can a company become ‘low carbon?’

Every company can examine the ways it works and consider efficiency changes that will result in a reduction of waste, energy usage, fuel consumption, transport, IT systems and resource usage.  

There are a number of sources of information to help companies think about their own carbon management plan, such as how to set targets or implement changes to calculate the resulting reduction in carbon emissions.

Sundried minimise the carbon footprint throughout the full lifecycle (design, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal) of an item of Sundried apparel through:

  • Local production in the UK and Europe (vs. the rest of the industry which is mainly produced in the Far East)
  • Using materials that use little carbon in their manufacture, little energy in their maintenance and are recyclable.
  • Carbon offsetting where a zero/low carbon choice isn’t currently viable  

There are also several environmental and social benefits beyond reducing carbon consumption in our responsible, ethical products and way of working.