• Full Body Circuit Workout For Fat Loss

    Training full body circuit workout

    If you're looking to torch fat, get lean, and increase your strength and power all in one, then this circuit workout is for you. It targets the full body and will have you feeling more athletic in no time.

    Full Body Circuit Workout

    For this workout you will be completing each exercise for 60 seconds. There are dedicated rest stations incorporated into the workout so try to keep going until you've finished the entire circuit! But of course, if you need to add more rest, listen to your body. The full circuit will last 10 minutes, complete one round as a beginner, or for more advanced exercisers, see how many rounds you can complete!

    Always make sure you are in good health before starting a new workout routine and have a water bottle nearby so you can stay hydrated. Let's begin!

    Jumping Squats

    Jumping squats are at the base of any good leg workout routine as they increase both strength and power as well as acting as a cardiovascular workout and will get you out of breath and your heart rate up where it should be. Drop into a squat and then spring back up as high as you can. As you land, drop straight back into a squat and repeat.

    Inch Worm 

    Read more about how to do the Inch Worm exercise with photo illustrations.


    Burpees are widely regarded as one of the toughest but best exercises you can do as they work nearly every muscle in the body and work your cardiovascular fitness as well as increasing functional mobility. To do a full burpee, jump your legs back and catch yourself in a press up position but then continue to drop your chest all the way to the floor. Then push yourself back up, jump your legs in, and jump straight up, clapping your hands above your head. That's one!


    Enjoy 60 seconds of rest after 3 tough exercises to get you started. Step from side to side so that your muscles don't cool down too quickly and to keep your heart rate high. 

    Kettlebell Swings

    Incorporating kettlebell training into your full body workout routine is great for improving all-round fitness and the kettlebell swing is one of the most popular kettlebell exercises out there. It will work your core and back as well as legs and shoulders so it will torch your muscles all over and burn tons of fat. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how to do a kettlebell swing.

    Reverse Lunges

    These are great for activating lazy muscles and forcing your less dominant leg to do all the work instead of relying on the dominant leg to take over. Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Step one leg back and drop the knee so that it creates a right angle. Push back up to the original position and then step the other leg back into a lunge. Repeat!

    Press Ups

    Time to really get that upper body burning! Press ups are an excellent workout for the entire upper body from the chest to the shoulders to the lats. They also work your core and will improve your bench press if you lift regularly.


    One more chance to rest before the last few exercises. Make the most of it!


    It is hard to hold an isometric move like the plank when you are out of breath and your heart rate is high. Use this as an opportunity to practice controlling your breathing and squeeze your core in tight throughout.

    Tricep Dips

    Your final exercise! Click here for more detailed information on how to do tricep dips properly with photo illustrations.

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  • 5 Ways To Get Motivated (For When You Really Don't Feel Like Hitting The Gym)

    gym motivation workout training exercise fitness Sundried

    The energy and excitement of making new year's resolutions and getting fit is well and truly burnt out and the gym is starting to empty out again. How can you stay motivated when all you want to do is melt into the sofa and eat? We're here to help. Follow these tips to boost your motivation when it feels like there's no hope.

    1. Partner up

    If you have someone to let down, you'll be less likely to flake. Having accountability means you have more of a reason to get to the gym and it will be more hassle to have to text your friend or personal trainer to say you're not going and then get an earful from then than to just go. Plus, you'll know that once you're there you'll have a great time because training with a buddy makes training more bearable

    2. Get changed

    How many times have you been sat on the sofa watching TV after work telling yourself "I'll go in a minute" or "I'll go when this show is finished" and then it never happens? By getting changed into your activewear you're getting the ball rolling and getting into the right frame of mind to work out. Once you're changed into your sportswear you're already halfway there and will be much more ready to get out there and go train. 

    3. Take your gym gear to work

    If you go to the gym straight from work, you won't have a chance to talk yourself out of it. If you pair this with point number 1 of partnering up and telling your friend you'll join them at the gym, you'll be well on your way to success. Get changed at work and go straight to the gym instead of going home first. It's much harder to gee yourself back up once you're home from work than if you continue the momentum from your day at the office. 

    4. Have a workout to look forward to

    There's nothing worse than finishing a monotonous day at work and thinking about now having to go and run on a treadmill for half an hour while staring at a wall. By planning out a fun and exciting workout, you'll actually want to go to the gym and do it. Try circuit training or functional training to mix things up and talk to a personal trainer if you'd like to try something new like Olympic weightlifting or CrossFit. If you're dreading the workout, getting motivated can be impossible. Whereas if you're actually looking forward to it, exercising can be a joy instead of a chore. If you enjoy something like Zumba, sign up for a class! Group exercise can be a great way to stay motivated too.

    5. Use the 10 second rule

    If you find yourself making terrible excuses like "it's raining" or "I'm too tired" then use the 10 second rule. It's very simple: count to 10 and then go anyway! This will eliminate your mind telling you that you can't do it and 9 times out of 10 you'll find that you actually enjoy the workout and will be pleased that you went.

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  • The Ultimate Fitness Couple Workout

    Full Body Fitness Couple Workout

    Working out with a partner can help to motivate you and getting fit with your other half can also be a great bonding experience. Follow Sundried's workout routine to become the ultimate fitness couple!

    You will need:

    Resistance bands 

    Medicine ball

    Warm Up

    You’re going to warm up using your resistance bands with four simple exercises. You should spend around 2 minutes on each exercise to ensure you are fully warmed up.

    Resistance band chest stretch

    Hold the resistant band in front of you with both hands. Start with your hands in front of your shoulders and then pull the band back, opening out your chest and pulling your elbows back, keeping them high. If you can, extend a little past this position to feel the stretch deeper into your chest and then release the resistance. This should be a constant fluid movement resisting and returning the band, rather than a static stretch, so be sure to keep it moving!

    Resistance band chest and shoulder opener

    Start by holding the resistance band tightly with both hands. Pulling against the band, lift your arms up above your head in a Y position and then as far back towards your bum as your shoulders comfortably allow, return to the start position and repeat in one fluid motion.

    Resistance band travelling squats

    Tie your resistance band in a loop around the bottom of your thighs, just above the knee. Now squat and step laterally against the resistance, making sure to travel in both directions.

    Resisted runs

    Take it in turns to loop your resistance band around your runner and hold onto the ends like reigns. Now sprint on the spot, running against your resistance partner's resistance. Keep your knees up to further engage the glutes.

    The Workout

    We've all seen videos of couples working out together and it looks so fun! Make sure you enjoy yourselves while doing this workout routine and motivate each other to keep going!

    Med ball waltz

    Stand face to face with your partner with one of you holding a medicine ball to your chest. One partner steps into a forward lunge, the other steps the same leg back into a lunge. As you lunge forwards and backwards, pass the medicine ball between you with each step.

    Squat and dip

    One partner stands against a wall and sinks into a squat. The other stands in front of them facing away and puts their hands on their knees to do tricep dips. Complete a minute on each move before you swap over.

    Plank double jumps

    One partner sets up in a regular elbow plank, with elbows under shoulders and spine in neutral alignment. The move from this position is to jump both legs outwards and then inwards to the regular plank position. Your partner stands with one foot either side of your legs and as the planker jumps the legs out, they simultaneously jump their legs in. It should look a little like a human hopscotch. Be sure to concentrate and not land on your partner! 1 minute for each move before swapping over.

    Hand-held pistol squats

    Face your partner and grab their hands. Stretch one leg out straight, making sure it's the opposite to your partner. Sink down in unison into a pistol squat and then swap to give the other leg a turn.

    Push-up high fives

    Both assume the push-up position facing one another. Lower yourselves to the ground in sync and as you reach the top of the push-up, high-five each other with opposite hands. Complete as many as you can in one minute, resting or coming down to your knees if you need to.

    Russian twist passes

    Both of you sit on the ground beside one another, with one of you holding the medicine ball. Each of you is required to lean back, keeping a neutral spine to engage the core, then lift your legs off the ground with a bend at the knees so that the backs of your calves are parallel to the floor. As you twist, pass the ball to each other. Complete for 1 minute.

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  • Couples Outdoor Workout


    Here are 7 bodyweight exercises to do with a partner. Aim for as many reps as you both find comfortable for 2-4 rounds. Label yourselves A and B for the first round and then switch for the second.

    1. PARTNER DEEP SQUAT - Both partners to cross both hands over, arms stay locked, belly drawn into lower spine. Squat all the way down, drive up through the heels, stand tall and squeeze your glutes.

    Partner Deep Squat Exercise

    2. SHOULDER PRESS PRESS & V SIT - Partner A will sit in a V Sit position, abs pulled in tight to lower back, shoulders relaxed, back straight and legs together whilst partner B is creating resistance as A pushes up and down into a shoulder press. Working the abs & shoulders simultaneously.

    Shoulder Press V Sit Abs Outdoor Workout

    3. PARTNER ROW - Partner A will be in a hold Plank position, body in a nice strong and straight line and holding onto elbows whilst partner B stands either side and rows A into their tummy. Partner B's knees to be soft, abs switched on and hinging from the hips.

    Partner Row Exercise Strength Core

    4. PLANK CORE COMBO - Both are in a plank position, body in one straight line, abs pulled in tight. Opposite hands will clap whilst opposite leg comes up at the same time. Focusing on keeping hips and shoulders square to the ground whilst maintains core stability.

    Plank Core Combo Abs

    5. STAGGERED STANCE PULL - Holding opposite hands, one goes down to the floor whilst the other pulls the other partner up. The focus is on the mid back.

    Staggered Stance Pull Strength Training Exercises

    6. PLANK HOLD & TRICEP DIPS - Partner B will be in a plank Hold position (forearms or full plank) with the core switched on, shoulders relaxed with strong form whilst partner A will do Tricep Dips. Partner A needs to make sure elbows are 90 degrees and squeezing the triceps at the top of the range.

    Plank hold Tricep Dips Isometric Exercise

    7. PARTNER TOE TAPS - Both facing each other, at a quick pace tap each other's opposite foot. Sometimes known as quick Feet this is a great workout finisher and cardio fix.

    Toe Taps Cardio Get Fit Outdoors

    About the authors: Carly and Elia Siaperas are a married couple who together own a PT studio in London. 

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  • Sundried Summer Workout

    Shea Vegan Personal Trainer Sundried Summer Workout

    Summer is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to exercise outdoors! Outdoor workouts are great because you can bathe in the glorious sunshine and reap the extra health benefits of the vitamin D exposure from the rays. Getting active in the sun can be social too; get your friends or family to join you so that you can all get fit together! No more hours spent staring at a blank wall in the gym, it’s time to get out there and learn to enjoy moving again!

    This outdoor workout can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment so you can do it whenever the mood strikes. Maybe in your garden, while the kids play, or maybe in the park with your friends. Always remember to warm up properly before a workout and stay hydrated by always having a water bottle with you.

    Round 1

    The first round is a small circuit comprising of 5 exercises. Aim to complete each exercise for 60 seconds with no rest. If you are a beginner or you have an underlying injury, take it at your own pace and rest whenever you need. If you want more information on how to do an exercise, click the name of the exercise.

    1. High Knees
    2. Press Ups
    3. Inch Worm
    4. Plank Shoulder Taps
    5. Burpees
    Lunge Bench Outdoor Workout Body Weight Sundried

    Round 2

    The second round is based on a Tabata style of HIIT training. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and is a great way to burn fat and get fit. Tabata consists of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, and you can repeat that as many times as you like with as many different exercises as you like. In this workout, you'll be completing 8 rounds (1 round = 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest) to last 4 minutes with all different exercises. Go straight from one round to the next until you are finished.

    1. Jumping Jacks
    2. Side Steps
    3. Shuttle Runs
    4. Curtsy Lunges
    5. Mountain Climbers
    6. Lunges
    7. Donkey Kicks
    8. Squats
    Press Up Garden Home Workout Sundried

    Round 3

    Your final round is based more on body-weight strength training. You don't need equipment to have a good workout! Complete 3 sets of 10 reps on each of the following exercises with 30-60 seconds of rest in between each one. This is a full body workout which will target every muscle group. Take the exercises slow and perform each repetition with care, focussing on the muscle under tension.

    1. Squats
    2. Lunge to kick through
    3. Press Ups
    4. Back extensions
    5. Crunches
    6. Glute bridges

    Well done for completing the Sundried Summer Workout! On completion of this workout, you should really be feeling the effects! If not, you can either work harder or make the exercises tougher! Remember, exercise is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, and you should fuel your body with nutritious food afterwards. If you find a particular workout boring, don't make yourself suffer by doing it! Find something you love, and you will find that staying fit has never been so easy.

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