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The Ultimate Fitness Couple Workout

by Alexandra Parren
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Full Body Fitness Couple Workout

Working out with a partner can help to motivate you and getting fit with your other half can also be a great bonding experience. Follow Sundried's workout routine to become the ultimate fitness couple!

You will need:

Resistance bands 

Medicine ball

Warm Up

You’re going to warm up using your resistance bands with four simple exercises. You should spend around 2 minutes on each exercise to ensure you are fully warmed up.

Resistance band chest stretch

Hold the resistant band in front of you with both hands. Start with your hands in front of your shoulders and then pull the band back, opening out your chest and pulling your elbows back, keeping them high. If you can, extend a little past this position to feel the stretch deeper into your chest and then release the resistance. This should be a constant fluid movement resisting and returning the band, rather than a static stretch, so be sure to keep it moving!

Resistance band chest and shoulder opener

Start by holding the resistance band tightly with both hands. Pulling against the band, lift your arms up above your head in a Y position and then as far back towards your bum as your shoulders comfortably allow, return to the start position and repeat in one fluid motion.

Resistance band travelling squats

Tie your resistance band in a loop around the bottom of your thighs, just above the knee. Now squat and step laterally against the resistance, making sure to travel in both directions.

Resisted runs

Take it in turns to loop your resistance band around your runner and hold onto the ends like reigns. Now sprint on the spot, running against your resistance partner's resistance. Keep your knees up to further engage the glutes.

The Workout

We've all seen videos of couples working out together and it looks so fun! Make sure you enjoy yourselves while doing this workout routine and motivate each other to keep going!

Med ball waltz

Stand face to face with your partner with one of you holding a medicine ball to your chest. One partner steps into a forward lunge, the other steps the same leg back into a lunge. As you lunge forwards and backwards, pass the medicine ball between you with each step.

Squat and dip

One partner stands against a wall and sinks into a squat. The other stands in front of them facing away and puts their hands on their knees to do tricep dips. Complete a minute on each move before you swap over.

Plank double jumps

One partner sets up in a regular elbow plank, with elbows under shoulders and spine in neutral alignment. The move from this position is to jump both legs outwards and then inwards to the regular plank position. Your partner stands with one foot either side of your legs and as the planker jumps the legs out, they simultaneously jump their legs in. It should look a little like a human hopscotch. Be sure to concentrate and not land on your partner! 1 minute for each move before swapping over.

Hand-held pistol squats

Face your partner and grab their hands. Stretch one leg out straight, making sure it's the opposite to your partner. Sink down in unison into a pistol squat and then swap to give the other leg a turn.

Push-up high fives

Both assume the push-up position facing one another. Lower yourselves to the ground in sync and as you reach the top of the push-up, high-five each other with opposite hands. Complete as many as you can in one minute, resting or coming down to your knees if you need to.

Russian twist passes

Both of you sit on the ground beside one another, with one of you holding the medicine ball. Each of you is required to lean back, keeping a neutral spine to engage the core, then lift your legs off the ground with a bend at the knees so that the backs of your calves are parallel to the floor. As you twist, pass the ball to each other. Complete for 1 minute.

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