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Full Body Circuit Workout For Fat Loss

by Alexandra Parren

Training full body circuit workout

If you're looking to torch fat, get lean, and increase your strength and power all in one, then this circuit workout is for you. It targets the full body and will have you feeling more athletic in no time.

Full Body Circuit Workout

For this workout you will be completing each exercise for 60 seconds. There are dedicated rest stations incorporated into the workout so try to keep going until you've finished the entire circuit! But of course, if you need to add more rest, listen to your body. The full circuit will last 10 minutes, complete one round as a beginner, or for more advanced exercisers, see how many rounds you can complete!

Always make sure you are in good health before starting a new workout routine and have a water bottle nearby so you can stay hydrated. Let's begin!

Jumping Squats

Jumping squats are at the base of any good leg workout routine as they increase both strength and power as well as acting as a cardiovascular workout and will get you out of breath and your heart rate up where it should be. Drop into a squat and then spring back up as high as you can. As you land, drop straight back into a squat and repeat.

Inch Worm 

Read more about how to do the Inch Worm exercise with photo illustrations.


Burpees are widely regarded as one of the toughest but best exercises you can do as they work nearly every muscle in the body and work your cardiovascular fitness as well as increasing functional mobility. To do a full burpee, jump your legs back and catch yourself in a press up position but then continue to drop your chest all the way to the floor. Then push yourself back up, jump your legs in, and jump straight up, clapping your hands above your head. That's one!


Enjoy 60 seconds of rest after 3 tough exercises to get you started. Step from side to side so that your muscles don't cool down too quickly and to keep your heart rate high. 

Kettlebell Swings

Incorporating kettlebell training into your full body workout routine is great for improving all-round fitness and the kettlebell swing is one of the most popular kettlebell exercises out there. It will work your core and back as well as legs and shoulders so it will torch your muscles all over and burn tons of fat. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how to do a kettlebell swing.

Reverse Lunges

These are great for activating lazy muscles and forcing your less dominant leg to do all the work instead of relying on the dominant leg to take over. Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Step one leg back and drop the knee so that it creates a right angle. Push back up to the original position and then step the other leg back into a lunge. Repeat!

Press Ups

Time to really get that upper body burning! Press ups are an excellent workout for the entire upper body from the chest to the shoulders to the lats. They also work your core and will improve your bench press if you lift regularly.


One more chance to rest before the last few exercises. Make the most of it!


It is hard to hold an isometric move like the plank when you are out of breath and your heart rate is high. Use this as an opportunity to practice controlling your breathing and squeeze your core in tight throughout.

Tricep Dips

Your final exercise! Click here for more detailed information on how to do tricep dips properly with photo illustrations.

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