Tricep Dips How To Perform Exercise How To Do Tricep Dips At Home Workout Outdoors

Tricep dips are a classic exercise which will target the triceps, which are the muscles in the back of the arms. If you want to tone your 'bingo wings' then this is the exercise for you!

You will need to find a surface, this can be a park bench if you are outdoors, or your sofa or a coffee table if you are working out at home. Place your hands facing you on the surface, and throughout the exercise keep your bum close to the surface. You can choose how hard you want to make the exercise by where you place your feet: the further outstretched they are, the tougher it will be and the more you will work your muscles.

Slowly lower yourself down so that your shoulders are in line with your elbows, then use your triceps to push you back up. You should really feel the burn!