The New Balance Ice Short sleeved top matches the Vazee trainers that came with the bundle. In a very vibrant purple, I wasn't to be missed with daytime running.

New Balance Ice Running Kit

Firstly, the fabric is impressive. It struck me how soft it felt next to my skin and how lightweight it was. The fabric is designed to give two way air circulation and be fast drying. This is the sort of technology we need from a fabric designed for running. When we sweat, especially at this cooler time of year, it can mean cooling down too quickly, if the fabric doesn't dry.

In real time use, the top has back vents that allow air in and out as you move. It works really well at helping maintain a constant temperature. When it comes to visibility, and this is important as the nights draw in, the top has various reflective detailing to allow you to be seen in headlights.

As for fit, it has a flattering cut and round neck, which is perfect, because it allows you to feel covered and not over exposed, whilst still looking good. It is antibacterial too, so if you are prone to sweating a lot, you wont pong by the end of your run. Perfect.

New Balance Running Review

Why not pair it with New Balance’s Impact Capri pants? These come in two colour combinations, the tested version were the black and purple, which did complete the entire outfit.

The capri’s are perfect for autumn and spring running. They are a good length and sit mid calf for comfort. The waistband is pretty near to perfect too. Made from a soft and comfortable elastic, it doesn't dig in at any point. They are easy to pull on, with a mid rise waist and are a very good fit.

New Balance Tights

They feature New Balances Dry technology, and like the top, they wick away sweat and keep you dry. I found this feature worked well in the top and the capri. I ran during September, where it was still quite warm, so sweating to test them out wasn't a problem. A couple of miles in, I had built up a decent pace and I could feel sweat start to move down my back. The vent in the back of the top soon sorted that out, and to be honest, the capris never seemed to feel sweaty at all.

New Balance Ice Running Top

The capris have a reflective accent strip down the outside of each leg, making them very visible in darker conditions. The New Balance logo is displayed, but discrete enough that you don't feel like a walking advert for the brand. There is a mesh behind the knees that offers a good airflow right through.

New Balance Running Back of Top

As one final, and important note, the pants have a small zip pocket that is perfect for storing energy gels, money and so on whilst on a run.

The price point of both of these items is very middle of the range, making them very affordable, comfortable and practical.