Sundried Donate

Sundried want to share our success. Your purchase through Sundried will make a difference to a child’s life, helping to provide them with something we take for granted, water.

When we call ourselves responsible we don’t just say it. While we develop our apparel we want our positive message, respect for the environment and healthy lifestyle to rub off on our consumers and the people that we know. To do this we make a pledge to charity with every Sundried purchase.

Each item in our collection is uniquely coded with a pledge to charity Water for Kids. By visiting our donate site and entering your code, you will be able to follow the journey of your donation. We encourage you to share this donation across social media in order to inspire others to do the same.

Water for Kids protect the good health of children and communities in the developing world by assisting in the provision of safe drinking water.

Your Sundried purchase could help a child get safe drinking water for the first time.

Water for Kids currently have projects mainly in rural disadvantaged communities of Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. The projects begin sourcing safe drinking water; either by protecting a polluted village water source, rain water harvesting or building a new borehole for a larger community.

Sundried promote respect for our environment and our people and we’re proud of our ethos.

Sundried will prove to the industry and consumers that desirable sportswear can be ethical.

Thank you for your donation.