Water for Kids

Water, to most of us is something that is not even considered. As athletes we (hopefully) drink more than the average person. You can buy it bottled. Or just turn on the tap. Without it there would be no sport. No gym training. No athletics. Sundried has partnered with Water for Kids. With all purchases when your unique code is entered Sundried makes a donation. The gift of water is something truly magical.

Imagine never having tasted clean water.

Your Sundried purchase could help a child get safe drinking water for the first time.

Water for Kids helps provide safe drinking water to those in need.

Water for Kids

Set up in 1996 by Environmental Health Officers, Water for Kids aims to preserve and protect the good health of children and communities in the developing world. They assist in the provision of safe drinking water, good sanitation and other public health related measures, such as encouraging hand washing and health education.

Water for Kids current projects are mainly in rural disadvantaged communities of Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. The projects start by sourcing safe drinking water for the first time; either by protecting a polluted village water source, rain water harvesting perhaps at a school or a new borehole for a large community.

Water for Kids previous work has shown improved attendance at schools, fewer cases of waterborne disease and more opportunities for income generation.

Above all, Water for Kids considers sustainability to be the essence of its projects, there is no point in bothering unless it’s going to last. Water for Kids aim to involve the local community from the start and work closely with local health professionals, to make permanent improvements.

By purchasing through Sundried you are joining our mission with Water for Kids, changing the lives of communities in need.

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