When we were younger, exercise never seemed to be an issue. We ran without thinking and would jump around for fun. As we get older, it becomes something we “have” to do or “should” do. The point is that we feel we have to keep fit because we no longer just run around with friends like children do.

Training in the winter

When you hit that stage where you are talking yourself out of a run or think it is better to stay in. The having to get up before work for a workout or a gym being too busy can definitely put you off. Or we get stuck in the thought of exercise being something that is a chore, rather than fun.

The isn't to say we don't enjoy exercise, we just enjoy it in different ways. And, we are prone to natural lulls in our enthusiasm for it. The question is, how do you keep that from happening?

The key is to keep it fun. Especially if you realise you are in a rut. Change your regular routine and find something new, something that excites you.

One place to start is your local park. They aren't just for walking in or taking the kids to. Get some skates, borrow a scooter and join in with your kids. And if you don't have children, do it anyway. Get some friends together, play football, basketball or netball at your local sports centre. You will soon find yourself running around laughing and not even thinking about the exercise aspect.

There are more adventurous sports too. If you are a thrill seeker or just want to try something new, then why not think outside the box? Do something like ski-ing, white water rafting or climbing. Get a Go-Pro and make some amazing home videos to spur you on and share with friends. There really are a lot of ways to make exercise fun. 

Sometimes it can be simple change that you need. Change the music on your iPod and put on tunes with different beats. This way you can fit your running, walking or cycling pace around the music you listen to. If it is fast, run faster and if it is slow, naturally, just slow down.

Whatever you do, remember that you don't have to be an all or nothing athlete. You deserve to have fun whilst getting fit.