A short HIIT workout that will cost you just over 5 minutes. All you need is access to a punchbag. But if not, you could do this in the air. For me it is not about hitting the bag as hard as I can, but just the count and repetition.  

Heavy Bag

For this we have Lonsdale Authentic Bag - Vintage Brown, 34 kg. It is a premium bag, but one built to last. A truly lovely vintage looking bag. But one where the cushioning will not end up clumping at the base of the bag like many of the vinyl bags do.

Lonsdale Heavy Punch Bag


Everlast Evergel Handwrap Boxing Gloves. I purchased these as bag mitts and they really are nice. Offer amazing protection at the wrists a very common place for people to pick up injuries. But I am not sure they will last over 3 months. The stitching is splitting at the knuckles.

Everlast Evergel Handwrap Boxing Gloves

Interval Timer

If you search for interval timers in your favourite app store there are many. The purchased version of ‘IntervalTimer’ I have found useful to so many workouts. You can create your own customised workout timers including rests, bell ring noises and it will save them into a calendar.

Interval Timer

You could just use a stopwatch. But using the app I have set-up a little ‘last 10 seconds remaining’ for each interval to mimic my personal trainer encouraging me to ‘push through the burn’.

The setup of this workout is (after a nice shoulder warmup):

20 seconds punching, 20 seconds rest. 30 seconds punching, 30 seconds rest. 40, 50 then 60 seconds.

Total workout is 5 minutes 40 seconds. It will workout your shoulders, arms. Lungs. Heart. My HR max hits 151 BPM about 80% of max. OK… Maybe I should go a bit harder! But if you can get through the 40 second interval you are doing well.

Heart Rate Chart from 5 minute punch bag workout

Here is a snippet uploaded. Small, light punches. Actually Wing Chun centre line punches (but do excuse the form). 

Boxing Bag Workout

We will be bringing a few more basic punch bag workouts. Especially for people just getting in to it. Mixing up your training really helps your overall fitness and keeps things interesting. On a punch bag you do not have to be a boxer to have a great workout.  

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