No time? Find just 10 minutes and you can get the job done!

When I’m running short of time, nothing works better for me than Tabata training. A Tabata is just 4 minutes long, but work hard enough and you’ll carry on burning calories for up to 24 hours due to the ‘afterburn’ effect known as post-exercise oxygen consumption.

When I really want to get the job done asap, I grab a skipping rope and some boxing gloves and an interval timer on my phone - there’s plenty of great apps out there where you can schedule your entire workout. In 10 minutes, I’ll complete a nifty little 2 minute warm up (because we never skip a warm up do we guys?!) and then two back to back hardcore Tabata’s. Job Done. The workout looks like this:

Minutes 1&2: Grab the rope and get skipping, start slow and build up to a quicker skip. After 2 minutes your heart rate should be fired up and you’ll be ready to jump straight into boxing. Skipping is a great exercise in it’s own right in my opinion, it’s not easy!

Tabata 1: 8 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I’ll alternate my punches here between rounds, so for one lot of 20 seconds I’ll be flat out jab cross punching and then the next will be hooks. Trust me by round 8 it’s tough.

Punch Bag

Tabata 2: The same protocol with new combinations: Usually a round of swing kicks alternating legs each time, followed by a round of jab cross punches as fast as I can.

I finish with a quick cool down stretch while I catch my breathe, whizz on some extra deodorant and then usually it’s straight into whatever’s next!

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