Have you heard of #EHOH? And no, I’m not talking about the noise the Teletubbies make.

EHOH stands for Every Hour On the Hour and is an emerging fitness trend developed to combat the dangers of sitting at work and living a sedentary lifestyle.

How does EHOH work:

EHOH proposes that every hour on the hour, your office gets active. Does this mean a less productive office? No. Should you be worried about your staff wasting time when you're paying them to work? No. There are many reasons why EHOH can be beneficial to your staff and your business, but let's start with some basic maths.

Say you work a regular 9-5 job. That’s usually an eight hour day, with an hours lunch break. When you arrive at the office at 9, you’ve just arrived and need to get started with earning your wages, so we’ll eliminate this hour and as the clock strikes 5, you’re a free man, so we can eliminate this hour also.

That leaves us with 6 on the hours and an hours lunch to play with. EHOH suggests splitting that hours lunch break into a half hour lunch and 5 minute activity intervals throughout the day. Who takes more than 10 minutes to waffle down their grub anyway?

Workout At Work - EHOH

The EHOH Equation:

6 x 5 minutes + 30 minutes lunch > 60 Minutes lunch + 7 hours sedentary

6 x 5 minutes exercise = 30 minutes of Total Exercise + 0 minutes extra break time

  • 9 am - START! Arrive at work and get cracking
  • 10 am - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 11 am - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 12 am - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 1 pm - EAT! 30 minutes lunch break
  • 2 pm - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 3 pm - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 4 pm - MOVE! 5 Minutes of Exercise
  • 5 pm - FREEDOM!

This means NO extra time given for extra exercise and lots of extra work and health benefits. It’s a win, win.

Benefits of EHOH

We all know exercise is great for your mind and body and the health benefits are almost endless, you can see a few of them here.

But exercising during your working day can actually improve your performance at work.

The Business Insider quotes: “Employees return from workouts refreshed and better focused on their jobs. Time lost on exercise is made back and more in terms of improved productivity.”

A study by the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine found that incorporating just 2.5 hours of exercise per week into the workday led to a noticeable reduction in absences.

10 Reasons to get your Employees to EHOH:

  1. Fit employees are less likely to go sick, meaning less time off and more time in the office making you money.
  2. Fit employees have more energy. Regular exercise increases energy throughout the day, meaning more energy to put in good quality work and be productive in the office.
  3. Fit employees have more self confidence. Confidence is empowering and will encourage your employees to push themselves and achieve more in their career.
  4. Fit employees inspire confidence in others. Once one starts, the others will follow and aspire to be like the fittest of your staff.
  5. Fit employees take on more leadership roles because of the many positive benefits of a lifestyle, a fit individual tends to make a good leader.
  6. Fit employees set and achieve goals, if they can prove themselves with their fitness goals, they can bring that attitude to the workplace.
  7. Fit employees have better attitudes, they tend to have a better physical and mental ‘balance’, meaning they bring a positive attitude to work. One person's positivity can raise the moral of the entire team.
  8. Fit employees are less stressed, regular exercise releases the physical AND emotional tensions that life brings our way meaning employees are left more focused and productive at work.
  9. A fit employee base is great for team building activities, the better a team works together, the more you’ll get out of them.
  10. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee's well-being, and pays off! Employees will notice that you care and this is particularly important for keeping your staff happy and on board!

So set your stopwatches and get ready to EHOH, let’s join the movement and get tweeting, sharing and spreading the #EHOH equation, to keep active at work and add years to your life later down the line!