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How To Avoid Overindulging This Christmas

by Alexandra Parren
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The festive season is in full swing and what with work Christmas parties, drinks with old friends you only see at this time of year, and the motto of, "Why not? It's Christmas!" a lot of us tend to go overboard and over-indulge. Follow these tips to help you stay healthy and well while still enjoying yourself. 

Don't eat mindlessly

One of of the big things about Christmas is going home to see family and having an abundance of food in the house. There are always boxes of chocolates lying around, snacks, leftovers, and all the food your parents or grandparents bought to feed their family. We also tend not to eat regular meals at this time of year because our daily routine goes out the window, we have time off work, and no one wants to sit at home and cook a healthy dinner when there's leftovers and snacks everywhere.

However, picking at chocolates, sweets or nibbles while you watch a film or TV can be a big mistake. You'll end up eating a lot more than you realise and you won't even enjoy it! Be conscious of what you are eating and don't graze as this will really help you to keep your calories in check and not go over the top. 

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Put junk food out of sight

If you're like me, you'll eat something just because it's there. At this time of year more than any, there will be unhealthy food absolutely everywhere you go and the temptation can often be too much.

As much as you're able, put all of the junk food out of sight. If you received boxes of chocolate as a gift, put them in your bedroom when you're sitting in the living room. Even better, put them away in a cupboard!

Make healthy choices

There are plenty of healthy options on Christmas day and the traditional Christmas dinner has the potential to a very well-balance meal. Turkey is high in protein and is a very lean meat option. Load your plate with vegetables so that there's less room for fatty carbs such as potatoes laden with oil and treat it more like a normal dinner than an endless buffet. We tend to change our eating habits at Christmas, so try to eat as normally as possible and don't eat to the point of being too full.

Get out of the house 

Your family's Christmas afternoon activities might include playing games, watching movies, or moving onto another house to visit different people. If possible, try to get out for a walk in the fresh air as it's very easy to vegetate and fall asleep on the sofa after Christmas lunch.Staying active and getting the steps in can really help to improve your mood and keep you feeling fresh, rather than full and bloated after eating too much. Not only this, if it is a sunny day, you'll also get your dose of Vitamin D which is vital in winter months. 

Christmas Day Boxing Day winter walk how to stay healthy at Christmas

Don't skip your training sessions

if your training plan calls for a run, go for that run! Fit it in before lunch to give you a great start to the day. Whatever you would usually do, try to slip it into your day somehow so that you stay active and don't lose the progress you've been making for the past few months.

If you need some motivation, read our article on the benefits of training outside during winter. Make sure you've got the right activewear for winter running and for more in depth information, have a read of our quick guide to training this winter.

Merry Christmas!

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