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Do fat-burning diet teas really work?

by Alexandra Parren
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Do fat burning teas help you lose weight

Diet teas are still increasing in popularity despite most of us not really knowing if they actually work or not. They're often endorsed by celebrities and Instagram stars, but do fat-burning diet teas really work?

The world of advertising has seen a shift over the last 10 years and now, instead of traditional advertising, many celebrities and influencers promote products on Instagram. It's no secret that health and wellness products are being advertised to us through this medium, and some celebrities even slip up and make it obvious they've been told what to post and with what caption. One of the most popular products that is pushed by celebrities and Instagram stars these days is detox tea. These so-called 'fat-burning teas' claim to facilitate rapid weight loss and promise to detox your body. But what does this mean? And does it work?

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Do detox teas work to lose weight?

While it's true that certain natural 'superfoods' can help you burn fat, it has not been scientifically proven that these 'skinny teas' or 'teatox' products can help you burn fat. What actually happens is you are told by the company to follow a healthy diet and rigorous exercise regime and to drink the tea on top of this. What this means in reality is that you are following a healthy lifestyle that you could follow anyway without purchasing expensive teas.

Are detox teas good for you?

Being aware of the vast benefits of green tea is nothing new, and it's true that certain teas are great for your health, but you do not need to buy a specific 'teatox' brand in order to lose weight. As always, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best way to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

You may well have heard personal trainers trying to hammer home the point that you don't need to drink tea in order to detox. Your body detoxes itself naturally using the kidneys and toxins are passed out of the body through urine on a daily basis. The concept of a detox through diet is fairly unnecessary, and can easily be achieved by limiting the amount of processed and sugary foods that you eat.

Detox teas can also have negative effects on your health, such as nausea, cramps, and even diarrhoea.  These teas may make you lose a lot of water weight, which will make you appear lighter and less bloated, but in reality you have not actually burnt any fat, and will bloat back up after a few days.

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Best detox teas

The best way to detox is naturally, by eating less unnatural food and exercising more to burn fat. Some natural teas do work to help make you healthier and have real benefits. The best detox teas are green tea and white tea. If you do not like the bitter taste of green tea on its own, try our superfood spinach smoothie recipe which includes matcha green tea powder and lots of spinach, both of which are fantastic for your health.

As always, there is no quick fix to weight loss and it is important not to seek a shortcut for dieting. Eating whole, natural foods and following a sustainable training regime will help you see the results you want without any adverse side effects.

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