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The CrossFit Open 2016

by Alexandra Parren
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The CrossFit Open barbell gym box

The CrossFit Open is the first qualifying event for athletes to compete in order to secure their spot at the Crossfit Games. For more information about CrossFit, read our article on CrossFit here.

Tens of thousands of athletes enter the Open each year but only the fittest on earth will have what it takes to make it to the next round: Regionals. 

Anyone can enter the Open by submitting scores and proof of the workout online, or you can enter at your local affiliate gym, or 'box'. 

The Open takes place over 5 weeks with a new workout, or WOD, being announced each Thursday. Athletes then have until the following Monday to complete the WOD and submit their scores. There is the choice of an Rx'd WOD or a scaled workout, making CrossFit more accessible to a wider audience.

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