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Yoga Clothes | What To Wear For Yoga | Buying Guide

by Alexandra Parren
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Yoga is a type of fitness that is accessible to anyone and can be great for your health. Studies have even shown that yoga can ease the suffering of cancer patients. There are lots of types of yoga clothes out there so it's important to know what's best. It's ideal to wear yoga-specific clothing because you know you'll be comfortable, so let's take a look at the best yoga clothes.

Black yoga pants

A good pair of quality black yoga pants should be the staple of any yoga-lover's wardrobe. These can be worn to any yoga class and will be so comfortable you'll want to wear them all day! Black is famed for going with anything, so you can wear your black yoga pants with other stylish yoga clothes and cute gym outfits. The best type of black yoga pants will be seamless for freedom of movement and so that you can stretch, flex, and pose to your heart's desire without being restricted. 

Hot yoga clothes

Hot yoga is the practice taking the globe by storm, having been majorly popularised by Bikram Choudury with his Bikram Yoga. For this type of yoga, you'll want to be careful with what you wear as there's nothing worse than being hot and bothered and uncomfortable in your clothes! Try a loose yoga top like the Sundried Grivola 2.0 layered over a crop top or sports bra. This yoga wear is made from 100% recycled materials, providing superior technical qualities like sweat-wicking and anti-odour capabilities. This means it's absolutely perfect for a sweaty hot yoga session!

Hot yoga clothes loose yoga top

Yoga shorts

For your sweaty hot yoga session, you'll also want a pair of comfortable yoga shorts. Again, you want to be uninhibited as you move so that you can achieve the poses to the best of your ability without being held back by tight leggings or trousers. A pair of shorts will help you stay comfortable and the Sundried Women's Shorts are made from recycled materials which are super sweat-wicking and dry twice as fast as cotton so you won't be dripping by the end of your class. They feature a compression-style inner short for added protection and coverage so you don't need to worry about showing off too much skin as you move. They also feature a pocket to the back which is large enough for a smart phone so you can keep your valuables safe during the class.

Sundried shorts compression sweat wicking hot yoga

Yoga apparel brands

There are several big brands which do yoga apparel both online and in store. Shop around to see what you like best and always read reviews and testimonials to see what other people are saying too.

  • Sundried has a really special yoga collection with pieces made from 100% recycled materials. This means you can be proud of where your yoga clothing came from and know you helped to save the planet with your purchase.
  • Lululemon is a Canadian yoga clothing company who specialise in cute yoga clothes and gym outfits for both men and women.
  • Sweaty Betty is also a big yoga apparel brand with clothes specifically designed for women.
  • Manuka Life is an up and coming yoga brand with collections for men and women with stylish yoga clothes and yoga wear.

Stylish yoga clothes

You want to look good as well as feel good. Read Sundried's guide on what to wear for yoga to know exactly what is best. Loose yoga tops and seamless leggings are your best bet.

Sundried Women's Yoga Clothing Activewear

Yoga clothing UK

In the UK, there are brands that are ethical so you know you are helping to save the environment when you buy your new yoga clothes and yoga mat. Sundried's premium yoga mat is made from natural Jute fibre and is totally non-slip while our loose yoga top is made from recycled coffee grounds and has natural anti-odour properties making it perfect for a hot yoga class!

Useful Links

Here on the Sundried blog, we have lots of articles about yoga and tips for buying yoga clothing.

Yoga Guide

Sundried's yoga guide is a downloadable PDF and is your one-stop guide to everything yoga. It includes some basic positions for you to try before your first class or just to try at home. It also has top tips for yoga as well as what kit you'll need.

Download the Sundried yoga guide here.

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