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Study Finds Tibetan Yoga Can Relieve Breast Cancer Sufferers

by Alexandra Parren

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In a study of 227 cancer patients, American researchers from the University of Texas found that those who practised Tibetan yoga at least twice a week felt less fatigued and suffered fewer sleep disturbances than those who didn't. These are common side effects of chemotherapy and can often lead to stress and anxiety in sufferers.

The authors of the study found that "participating in Tibetan yoga during chemotherapy resulted in modest short-term benefits in sleep quality, with long-term benefits emerging over time for those who practised it at least two times a week."

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What is Tibetan yoga?

Tibetan yoga focuses on continuous, fluid movement which is known as 'vinyasa'. Regular followers of the practice of yoga may already be familiar with this Sanskrit term, which usually refers to the transition between two positions. Tibetan yoga focuses heavily on 'magical movements' and breath currents, considering that meditation is contrived and conceptual. The continuous movement of Tibetan yoga is said to help with circulation and breathing as well as joint pain.

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