• Study Finds Tibetan Yoga Can Relieve Breast Cancer Sufferers

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    In a study of 227 cancer patients, American researchers from the University of Texas found that those who practised Tibetan yoga at least twice a week felt less fatigued and suffered fewer sleep disturbances than those who didn't. These are common side effects of chemotherapy and can often lead to stress and anxiety in sufferers.

    The authors of the study found that "participating in Tibetan yoga during chemotherapy resulted in modest short-term benefits in sleep quality, with long-term benefits emerging over time for those who practised it at least two times a week."

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    What is Tibetan yoga?

    Tibetan yoga focuses on continuous, fluid movement which is known as 'vinyasa'. Regular followers of the practice of yoga may already be familiar with this Sanskrit term, which usually refers to the transition between two positions. Tibetan yoga focuses heavily on 'magical movements' and breath currents, considering that meditation is contrived and conceptual. The continuous movement of Tibetan yoga is said to help with circulation and breathing as well as joint pain.

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    If you’d like to have a go at some yoga yourself, make sure you take a look at the new Sundried yoga mat. Made from premium Jute fibre, this natural material provides a non-slip texture and won’t fray or break no matter how much you use it. It comes with a free downloadable yoga guide so that you can learn new poses and disciplines at your own pace.

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  • Alesha Dixon Announced As New Ambassador For Garmin

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    As a singer, dancer, rapper, model and television presenter, Alesha is used to the demands of a busy schedule and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is important for whatever life throws at her. In between rehearsals, performances and training with her long term PT Janet Malinowska three times a week, Alesha has her three-year-old daughter to keep up with alongside taking her five dogs on regular walks.

    With the help of Garmin’s vivo range, Alesha is able to stay on top of her busy schedule, track her activity and maximise her training sessions. Alesha is a keen runner and incorporates a mix of cardio, yoga and strength training into her activity alongside maintaining a successful career as a performer and presenter.

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    Alesha said: “It’s fantastic to be working with a brand like Garmin who are so passionate about fitness and helping people to achieve their goals. Keeping fit is a huge part of my life, and with the vivo range I can keep track of every part of it – strength training and the rep counters are really useful things for me to have, alongside contactless payment and smart notifications when I’m on the go. What’s more is that they look great too, so I can still wear them when I’m performing or in front of the camera.”

    Boasting a range of smart watches and fitness trackers, the new vivosport, vívoactive 3 and vivomove HR has been designed for those who choose a healthy active lifestyle, whether you run, swim or go to the gym. Alesha’s campaign is part of Garmin’s global Beat Yesterday campaign, which is about inspiring people to push yourself faster and further than yesterday, competing with no one but yourself.

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    Richard Daish, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland, said: “Alesha embodies everything that it means to Beat Yesterday through her active lifestyle and challenge driven attitude in everything she does. Her genuine passion for fitness and thirst for life is infectious and she is a great example of how you can achieve anything you set your mind to – making her the perfect ambassador for our wellness product range.”

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