• Katie Wright - Personal Trainer and Athlete Ambassador

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    Please tell us about sporting events you have taken part in or have coming up.

    This years top races have been -

    • Henley Thames marathon
    • 3.8km Arun Swim
    • 5km Adur Swim
    • Bewl Water 5km Swim
    • National Aquathlon Championships
    • London Landmarks Half Marathon
    • Arundel Sprint Triathlon
    • Brighton marathon 10km
    • Goodwood 10km

    Next -

    • Great South Run
    • World Aquathlon Championships

    Tell us about your journey to fitness? Where did it all start?

    I was a runner and a swimmer as a junior representing the county at both in sprint distances on the track and in the pool. I transferred to longer distances after having children. I now compete in both multi events and single discipline events in open water swimming and road and trail. I’m a British Triathlon Age Grouper in Aquathlon and recently won the National Championships for my age group - 35-39. I'm a level 3 Personal Trainer, mother of two and married to a MAMIL (middle aged man in Lycra). 

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    What are your training goals now?

    Currently working towards the World Aquathlon Championships so my aim is to be as fast as possible over 1km in the water and 5km on the land. Speedy transitions are also very important.

    What advice do you wish you'd been given when you first started out?

    Even if you think it will be quicker in transition never ever be tempted to compete in an Aquathlon wearing just a pool swim suit.

    Do you follow a specific nutrition plan? If so, what/when do you eat?

    I'm plant based so don’t eat any animal products. But I probably eat most things you do. I don’t follow a specific diet or restrict myself but I also generally prefer things that are considered healthy options. 

    What do you do to keep your clients motivated? Do you have any top tips to keep motivated?

    Always have a goal and something you are working towards. I always book my next event before completing the one I'm working towards so I don’t ever feel complacent and question why I’m doing a session. Keep it fun.

    Talk us through your training regime.

    I do 3/4 runs a week (long run, Tempo, off road with hills, and intervals). I also do 3/4 swim sessions a week (long steady, 2 intervals with drills, and something in open water).

    How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

    I read a lot of articles by other athletes and trainers and I'm never afraid to ask advice from peers, in fact I always feel very grateful to receive tips and advice.

    What are your top 3 trainer tips?

    Have a goal, make sure you listen to your body and rest when you need to, your plan needs to suit your lifestyle.

    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Too hard I love food - at the moment I'm obsessed with tofu pad Thai with loads of spring onions (I mean like a whole bunch just for me) I think it's fusion.

    Why work with Sundried?

    I like the brand ethos and the fact that the environment and sustainability are important.

    Favourite fitness quote?

    It's never too late.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • National Aquathlon Championships 2021 - Race Report by age group winner Katie Wright

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    The first thing I did on arrival, and by far the most important thing, was locate the toilets. When exiting the portaloos I felt rather smug as I noticed the long queue that had now formed, that I had managed to avoid by being on the toilet ball!

    Race Pack collected, it was time to familiarise myself with the course and start working on that nervous energy by picking out all the fast swimmers I'd recently competed with at open water swimming events throughout the year.

    Due to C-19, this Aquathlon was my first since Eastbourne (a year ago) so although I knew I was swim and run fit I hadn't actually put them together in a race environment for a while. I’m not sure my visualisation counts or the dreams where I’m Olympic Aquathlon Champion (no it’s not an Olympic event unfortunately).

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    Wetsuit pulled up to the waist I entered the transition area and located a good spot, next to a sign, for my shoes and race belt. As it turns out this was also the place that the British triathlon official decided to place himself while officiating the race - but I wouldn't find that out till later when I had to politely ask him to move so I could speedily put on my shoes.

    With five minutes to spare before the race briefing I downed my energy drink and started to notice that most people had their race belt around their waist already (ready to be hidden inside their wet suit during the swim). I made a last-minute decision to fetch my race belt from the transition area and placed it round my waist to match the other competitors - like I said it had been a year since my last Aquathlon and I was feeling a little rusty. I then realised no one else had both race numbers pinned to their belt (we were given 2?) After swiftly removing the second unnecessary race number I made my way to transition area, for the third time, for the pre-race briefing.

    30 seconds to go, we stood side-by-side with our toes touching the water. 20 seconds to go, we nervously edged millimetres forward. 10 seconds to go. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. We ran and dived into the sea. The previously pancake flat ocean was now filled with arms legs and ferocious splashing.

    My fast start is not something I am known for. My strength is my stamina and my ability to maintain a consistent fast-ish pace throughout the whole swim - the longer the better. This being only 750m was going to be an interesting test for me.

    The swim route was an out and back around three buoys, against the current to begin with, coming back with the current behind us.

    At the turning point I was probably somewhere in the middle of the mass of arms and legs but I started to work my way through the field and exited the water in 14th place. 

    I had a speedy transition managing to make up another three places. 11th.

    The run route was two 2.2km laps of the prom - with a 300 meter lead in and lead off. I started to work my way further through the field, digging deep. It always feels like you aren't running very fast after you've swam even when you are. I chose not to wear a watch, as advised by my coach, because we feel I don't gain any benefits from doing so. So I had no idea how fast I was running my one job was to concentrate on catching, and going past each competitor one by one. The last kilometre I really had to grit my teeth against the pain. 

    Throughout the race marshals kept asking me to show my race number I assumed at the time this was because it had slipped around to the side. I'm yet to find a race belt that stays put. As I later discovered though (from my race photos) I actually had my race number on back to front.

    The final 300m I was praying I would make it across the line before I threw up or collapsed.

    Luckily I did, although I did spend five minutes rolling around on the floor just past the finish line. A kind marshal retrieved my race chip for me from around my ankle - I'm not sure I'd of remembered to return it otherwise.

    At this point I still didn't know my finish position. I was just super happy to have finished. My position was confirmed to me by my family, and double checked by another competitors mother on her iPad, once I had managed to pick myself back up. 7th Woman across the line, and most importantly 1st place 35-39 year old, making me National Aquathlon Champion 35-39 for 2021.

    It's been a challenging couple of years but this really was a dream come true.

    Next race is the world Aquathlon Championships in Spain next month. I'm excited already.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • Sandra Weir - Athlete Ambassador

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    Have you always been into sport?

    Yes, from the age of 2 I played football. I played for my school teams and later on for different teams in the Scottish Women’s league. I then attempted a few marathons and half marathons and then ultimately Triathlons and Aquathlons.

    How did you first get into triathlon?

    I had knee surgery 4 years ago, where I was told I would probably not compete in any sport again, but that was not an option. I started jogging in the pool to build up the 70% muscle wastage, which then lead me to swimming. In my rehab I also started cycling as this was low impact for me knee. Gradually as I got stronger I started to think about Triathlons as I could train the majority of time with limited impact.

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    What has been your favourite race to date and why?

    It has to be the London Triathlon! I have competed in 3 sprint races and one super sprint race. The super sprint one was the favourite to date, as this was the first one I attempted after my operation and I know I and the knee would be fine.

    What is your proudest achievement?

    Qualifying for Team GB Age group for Aquathlon (World and European Championships) Sprint and Super Sprint Triathlon (World Championships).

    Have you ever had any racing disasters?

    Fingers crossed, none as yet. I’ve had a lot of races where I didn’t pace properly or fuel correctly, but nothing too disastrous.

    How do you overcome setbacks?

    I am stubborn and determined!!

    What advice do you wish you'd been given when you first started out?

    Be patient! Every athlete wants to be quicker, but it takes time. Do not expect too much too soon and do not compare yourself to others!

    What are your goals?

    To compete for Team GB age group for as long as I can. Hopefully to finish top 10 in my races as well.

    Who inspires you?

    Everyone! It could be my friend who has never run and has just started to my fellow Team GB teammates to my other half who has started to run and cycle and does some training with me!

    Why work with Sundried?

    I have bought a few products for myself (cycling bibs/arm warmers etc) and find them comfortable and affordable.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • Helly Godfrey - Athlete Ambassador

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    Have you always been into sport?

    I have always been sporty. I was a water baby and I skied and swam to a high county level as a child. I carried on swimming for leisure through my twenties and thirties. I ran the Great North Run in 2001 as I went to medical school in Newcastle and saw what a big event it was and I ran it just after I qualified as a doctor aged 23. I had only run a maximum of 3 miles before that so I probably wouldn’t recommend that as a training plan! I picked running up again aged 35 with parkrun and I did a couple of mini triathlons for fun.

    If you're interested in starting your own fitness journey, Sundried's Activewear is suitable for people of all abilities. 

    How did you get into aquathlon?

    I have done aquathlon for nearly 2 years and it all came as a bit of a surprise. After completely rupturing my ACL skiing in 2017 I didn’t even know if I would be able to run again. I was a very good patient and listened to my surgeon and physio and gradually built my strength up over the next year and a half.

    In early 2019, aged 41, I managed to run sub 25 minutes at parkrun and I suddenly realised I had qualification potential for Team GB Aquathlon, part of British Triathlon multisport as my swim was still strong. I chipped away at my training and by November 2019 I qualified for the team to race in the European and World championships in 2020. They were postponed to 2021 with the pandemic so I am hoping to compete this year. I have since managed to get my 5k run time down to 22.49.

    I currently have a running coach and I swim train with the Masters.

    What is your favourite event to date and why?

    People who know me know that I like to plan in advance and with detail however occasionally something catches you unplanned and out of the blue. Just before Christmas, my planned 10k Sunday run suddenly turned into something else when I tagged along with some friends. On the way there it became apparent that we were about to do a local challenge called the 17 hills at Castle Eden Dene. To this day I still think it was a blessing that I had no idea what they were talking about. 3.5 hours, 20km and 900m elevation gain later I was thanking my lucky stars that my friends had packed Kendal mint cake.

    It was one of the most magical happy runs I've ever done with some of the kindest running friends I have who are all stronger than me and took care of me. Beautiful surroundings and beautiful people will make me remember this forever.

    What is your proudest achievement?

    My proudest achievement is not sports related but it was a goal of more from the age of two when I decided to be a doctor. I can still remember how I felt seeing my name on the results board after my finals. It was and continues to be a long slog but it is a big part of who I am. Seeing the Q1 next to my name for the GB age group qualification was also a very surreal moment!

    Have you ever had any racing disasters?

    I’ve had many but the one that stands out the most is the second parkrun I ever did. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong for me. My laces came undone and I tripped (I now ensure they don’t come undone). My trousers were falling down (I wear the right kit now of course). I wore far too many layers. My headphones got caught as I tried to remove the layers. It was a bit like a comedy sketch! But I learned from it all.

    What advice would you give to people starting out?

    The advice I'd like to give is treat everything as a learning curve. Even if things go wrong, don't worry, pick yourself back up, salvage what you can and learn from it. Everyone makes mistakes from beginner through to elite it's part of the journey!

    The other advice is expect the unexpected. I had no idea at the age of 41 after just having fun at parkrun with my friends and family that something like this would be possible. Many people who I meet and know about my GB qualification would be surprised to know where I was only a couple of years ago.

    How do you overcome setbacks?

    I love planning and a good friend of mine who is a sports scientist and long distance triathlon veteran who I fondly refer to as the mosquito in my ear gives me excellent advice. He told me to think everything through from beginning to end and think about contingency plans. What if the plane is cancelled? What if your bag is lost? These are things you can think about and are useful to do on your rest days.

    To overcome setbacks I allow myself a little time to reflect and be sad about them but I then draw a line under it and learn from them. I have a tiny team who consist of my husband, a couple of close friends and my immediate family. They support me through everything, believe in me, pick me up when I fall and fix me. I strongly believe in having the right team around you.

    What are your goals?

    My goals are to represent the GB age group team for as long as I can and just to be the best version of me that I can be and fulfil my potential. That's all anyone can ever ask. My running coach loves my attitude as I give 100%, I'm enthusiastic and I always listen. I'm pretty feisty, but he can deal with that!

    Who inspires you?

    My inspiration has to be my 2 daughters Chloe and Amelie. We are so proud of them and fulfil the words I strive by - Be humble, be kind, work hard.

    Why represent Sundried?

    I'm proud to represent Sundried. I'm only an ambassador for things I truly believe in and the affordable high quality clothing for my sport coupled with the Eco and ethical background of using recycled materials fits my lifestyle and my beliefs and I look forward to sharing it with as many friends and family as I can.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett