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Discussion: Why Do You Run?

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Sundried asked Reddit users "What is your main reason for going running?" Here are their answers! How many of these resonate with you? Do you have any to add?

Outdoor Run Training Running Marathon

"Because I wanted to be a good father and show my son how to attain goals."



"I used to run as a kid with my dad. I stopped running for a long time and only started again a year and a half ago. Now that my dad can't run anymore, it's a way for me to continue what he did and connect with him.

2 years ago my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me. I was devastated. I started running again to help me deal with this.

I fell in love with someone who does not have the same feelings for me. I associated this with the fact that I was obese. I started a marathon training program to lose weight and to try and impress her. I ran the marathon in the spring. I don't think it worked to impress her, but I did end up losing about 20 lbs while training (I'm no longer obese!). Running helps me deal with the hurt of unrequited love.

I just love running long distances. Keeping going during a long run gives me validation that I'm able to make changes in my life, reminds me that all pain will pass with time, and takes me to a place where I don't worry about the things in my life that cause me emotional hurt. Sometimes after a long run I would cry my eyes out. It's a source of emotional release.

Running helps me deal with the stress and anxiety associated with my Ph.D. program.

The biggest reason: I simply feel better after a run. Not running makes me feel bad. I like feeling good.

I know that's a lot, but I needed to let some stuff out. Thanks for giving me that opportunity."



"I started running to help with weight loss and now I run out of habit. Plus I like training for races."



"Original reason: Lost some weight, but needed to get cardio built up for Tae Kwon Do before I got my black belt.

Current, and likely future reason forever: My best friend killed himself in May. Running had become important to him, but we never got much of a chance to run together due to distance. Now, I wear his Garmin, and run, and remember the good times and miss him so much it aches. I run for him, since he can't anymore.

Bonus reason: my wife says my butt looks nicer since I started running more, :)"


What are your personal reasons for running? Sundried would love to know! Get involved with the discussion and you could win Sundried products!

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