Sundried asked Reddit users "What is your main reason for going running?" Here are their answers! How many of these resonate with you? Do you have any to add?

"Because I wanted to be a good father and show my son how to attain goals."



"I used to run as a kid with my dad. I stopped running for a long time and only started again a year and a half ago. Now that my dad can't run anymore, it's a way for me to continue what he did and connect with him.

2 years ago my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me. I was devastated. I started running again to help me deal with this.

I fell in love with someone who does not have the same feelings for me. I associated this with the fact that I was obese. I started a marathon training program to lose weight and to try and impress her. I ran the marathon in the spring. I don't think it worked to impress her, but I did end up losing about 20 lbs while training (I'm no longer obese!). Running helps me deal with the hurt of unrequited love.

I just love running long distances. Keeping going during a long run gives me validation that I'm able to make changes in my life, reminds me that all pain will pass with time, and takes me to a place where I don't worry about the things in my life that cause me emotional hurt. Sometimes after a long run I would cry my eyes out. It's a source of emotional release.

Running helps me deal with the stress and anxiety associated with my Ph.D. program.

The biggest reason: I simply feel better after a run. Not running makes me feel bad. I like feeling good.

I know that's a lot, but I needed to let some stuff out. Thanks for giving me that opportunity."



"I started running to help with weight loss and now I run out of habit. Plus I like training for races."



"Original reason: Lost some weight, but needed to get cardio built up for Tae Kwon Do before I got my black belt.

Current, and likely future reason forever: My best friend killed himself in May. Running had become important to him, but we never got much of a chance to run together due to distance. Now, I wear his Garmin, and run, and remember the good times and miss him so much it aches. I run for him, since he can't anymore.

Bonus reason: my wife says my butt looks nicer since I started running more, :)"


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