animal flow training

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jamie Lloyd suggests that in order to stay on top of your game and build strength, mobility, flexibility, stability and power, there are specific exercises that will allow you to hone your skills as a regular gym goer. Animal Flow exercises will not only challenge you but add variety and fun and a new dimension to your workouts.

So What Is Animal Flow?

Animal-based movements have been used for decades to help athleticism. I have certainly been using them for years in my own training and with clients, but Animal Flow is a dynamic movement system that has been developed by founder Mike Fitch to help you blend these fun moves into your training sessions. 

Animal Flow is a combination of break-dancing, balancing, Parkour and callisthenics in one. But warning: it does get your blood pumping and gets you into a sweat! These moves can be used as stand-alone exercises or used to flow together which give you a phenomenal workout.

In order to improve, you have to practise and you’ll get a great buzz and an endless flow of energy afterwards. Animal Flow is suited to both beginners and advanced athletes alike. 

How do you do Animal Flow Training?

Just follow your ABC! Try these 3 basic foundation moves.

Ape: king of the jungle! 

Get down on all fours and move contra-laterally. The opposite side of the body moves across the body. 

Bear Crawl: the signature move 

Get into all fours in a box position, hover your knees one inch off the floor and bring your right knee to right elbow. Sit back into child's pose but keep your knees off the floor then bring your left knee to left elbow. Keep moving from one side to the next. 

Crab Grab: a great back strengthener and hip opener

Sit down on the floor with your hands turned away behind you. Lift your whole body off the floor, then drive the hips up and with one arm overhead try to touch the floor behind you. Repeat on the other side, keep your backside off the floor. Aim to do 4-5 reps each side. 

Animal Flow Workout

Do all of these moves back-to-back with no rest in between.

  1. Apes x 10 with reverse bear crawl
  2. Bear Crawl forwards with reverse bear crawl
  3. Crab Grab x 4-5 reps each side

Try doing 4-5 rounds! 

About the author: Jamie Lloyd is an award-winning fitness professional, pain relief expert and performance coach based in SW London.