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So you've done a test to find out your body type and you've discovered you're a mesomorph - lucky you! Try our workout for mesomorphs so that you can make the most of your ability to build lean muscle and achieve the physique you've always wanted.

Workout For Mesomorphs

As a mesomorph, you can pack on muscle easily but need to keep up your cardio so that you don't store excess fat. What that means is HIIT workouts and MetCon workouts will work best for you to attain a great physique. Below is an example workout that a mesomorph may want to follow.

EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute

15 kettlebell swings

8 burpees

5 box jumps

15 dumbbell snatches

5 press ups

Repeat until 20 minutes have passed. 

muscular man lifting weights

This workout incorporates conditioning, power, and cardio in a combination that will get you out of breath, increase your heart rate, and challenge your muscular endurance. For mesomorphs, it should result in increased lean muscle mass as well as burning fat.

Do a workout of this type 3-5 times a week to really see great results.