30 punishing Objects. 10 tons of ice. 100 tons of mud vs Laura Sheriff and our Sundried Ruinette tights...

Laura Sheriff Personal Trainer

Who do you think won?

Last weekend, Personal Trainer and Presenter Laura Sheriff took part in one of the toughest 10k’s out there, the Total Warrior 10k.

We found out how she got on.

So you survived it then?! We knew you would. How are you feeling now?

Like a warrior, hahaha.  Ready for the next challenge!

What type of training did you do, is it possible to prepare for events like this?

Of course! I actually did very little training because I’m still recovering after shoulder surgery. It was all a little last minute involving HIIT workouts, a few runs and circuits at the gym.

What was the atmosphere like on race day?

Brilliant! Everyone was game for a great time and there was a real sense of community. Most people do these races, get hooked and do them time and time again.

What was the hardest obstacle you faced?

Er- The ice bucket. You have to drop into a tank filled with ice and put your head under to come out of the other side. Hideous! It literally takes your breath away.

Laura Sheriff Total Warrior Team

Dish the dirt, who was better, you or Craig? (We know you were better dressed haha)

HAHA come on, talk about an unfair question. I’d love to say me but I’d actually say that Craig needed a medal. He had to hoist me over some of the larger obstacles to make sure I didn’t overuse my shoulder. Having said that I would agree that I won hands down in the style stakes.

How did the Ruinette tights do, did they keep up with the challenge?

At first I was a little worried how they would fair in the muddy, soaking wet environment. Were they going to stretch and go baggy? They pretty much kept as perfect a fit as they did when I first put them on. Fashion and performance, what more could a girl want?!

Anything you would change if you were to do it all over again?

I’d obviously like my shoulder to be stronger but I’d also like to go for a time.

Laura Sheriff Total Warrior finishline

And of course, last but not least, what’s next Laura?

I’m signed up for outrun September in aid of cancer research. As a team of 3 we have to run 150 miles that month. As for anything more extreme, who knows. Ideas welcome?!

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Laura Sheriff features the Sundried Ruinette Tight