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Katrina Beddoe Surfer

by Alexandra Parren

Katrina Beddoe Pro Surfer Boardmasters Skateboarding Graffiti

Katrina Beddoe tells us about life balancing boards and babies and what she’s planning for her surf comeback after Boardmasters 2016.

How did you get into surfing?

My father Keith Beddoe was an awesome competitive surfer both longboard and shortboard. He rocks!  He still charges and now he has begun to coach me and help me achieve my surfing dreams in longboarding.  He used to take me out on his 10-foot board when I was a tiny kid and we'd tandem surf at our local beach in Cornwall. Girls weren't often seen in the water back then so I had to constantly try to prove myself in order to get waves. I lived in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia for a year managing a surf camp and my surfing skills improved so much.  Since then I soul surfed my way around the world

I lived in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia for a year managing a surf camp and my surfing skills improved so much.  Since then I have soul surfed my way around the world and back home in Cornwall. I started competing at the age of 30 and in my first year of longboard competitions, I placed 3rd in England and 5th in Europe! 

What sort of training is required for surfing?

Honestly, I find it hard to fit in an intensive and appropriate training regime around work and raising my 2 young kids alone.  But what I do is try to surf as much as possible and then just keep active and strong with my kids.  Beach runs, swimming, skating and playing are my most usual activities.

What’s been your best competitive result to date? 

I won my first ever competition which was a local longboard competition at Watergate Beach in 2006. Then recently I placed 2nd in the Jesus longboard classic and 5th at Boardmasters European QS 2015.

Katrina Beddoe Pro Surfer Skateboaring Smiling

Where is your favourite place to surf?

My favourite place to surf is Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa. I enjoy surfing anywhere as long as it's fun and the crowds are cool.  I love nothing more than hooting and hollering other people into waves who are enjoying the surf as much as I am.

What’s your next challenge?

I will be entering the final Boardmasters competitions of the year next month and then next year I hope to work hard and do better in competitions.

Why work with Sundried?

I had heard through the grapevine about Sundried and looked into the products and fell in love with the ethos and history of the company.  We are all responsible for making the right choices as consumers as to how our products are made and sourced.  I want to be part of a better world.

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