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Jodie Gauld Ultramarathon Runner

by Alexandra Parren

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Jodie runs ultramarathons and trail runs. She tells Sundried about some of the amazing races she's completed, including 64 miles along the Cornish coastal path.

Have you always been into sport?

I have. Growing up on a small holding in Cornwall and having an outdoorsy family who are into all sorts from sailing to skiing and horse riding, I have grown up conditioned to embrace what sports can offer you.

What made you decide to enter the world of running?

I have always run, everywhere! My parents have always told me to slow down and stop running around the house. I would never be able to sit down for a meal, I'd run back and forth to pick at my plate but had so much to explore. My running was rewarded through my years at school, where I proved fairly good on the athletics field and would be entered into every race going. But it was when I was 20 that I was training with a group who introduced me to the world of ultramarathon and this passion has grown since.

What’s been your favourite race to date and why?

This is tough, I love so many for different reasons and also there are more and more of which I want to attempt. However, I think my first ever race (besides athletics/school events) The Lakeland 50, is a beauty, it is obviously how I came to love the trails and where I came to the realisation that I can keep going over these extreme distances. The atmosphere is incredible for the entire weekend and you get to know so many regulars. I have done the 50 miles 3 times and have finally signed up for the 100 (which is actually 104 miles). The sign-up process is half of the excitement as it sells out in about 5 minutes.

And your proudest achievement?

This year I ran with Tribe as part of Run For Love II. I completed all 230 miles of the running. We did this over 6 days, running back to back ultra marathons in extreme heat and with little sleep. There was a simple focus, complete the distance to raise money and awareness for anti-trafficking. However, the week proved so much more - what the body/mind can overcome, camaraderie and we've created some lifelong memories and friends.

trail run ultra marathon runner

Have you ever had any racing disasters/your toughest race yet?

A lot of races have been tough for different reasons, but I forget the pain quite quickly and somehow remember loving it, despite my suffering during. RFL 2 was seriously tough but I remember this year I pushed myself to run the furthest I ever had in one go, 64 miles along the Cornish coastal path. This race was just 4 weeks after Run For Love, with a 20 mile run and a 50 mile ultra race in between, so I didn't rest. We started at midnight and there were 3 points where I thought I'd faint, but it was the final 5 miles that were so tough, we had to climb and descend hundreds of steps and I was physically lifting my legs with my hands as my groin had blown up. I did finally cross the finish line in tears of pain, exhaustion and joy! Even got 2nd lady and an awesome trophy.

How do you overcome setbacks?

I am stubborn but also look at the bigger picture and can assess the situation. Focus on the ultimate goal and weigh up what needs to be done to achieve it.

What is the best bit of advice you wish someone had told you before you started competing?

"Aim for the finish and enjoy"

What are your goals for 2018?

To keep injuries at bay - always

To complete a 100-mile race

Who do you take your inspiration from?

I obviously look at the running heroes but I'm aware that their achievements are out of my league. My real inspiration comes from friends who I surround myself with.

What do you like about Sundried and what’s your favourite bit of our kit?

What drew me to Sundried is its ethics and care for the environment. I admire and want to support good quality brands that are promoting these positive acts. I love the Sundried Ruinette 2.0 leggings, they look great and are super comfortable.

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