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Real Handful Healthy Snacks Review

by Alexandra Parren
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Real Handful Healthy Snacks Review

Real Handful was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Joe and Carly Taylor. Ex-Ironman triathlete Joe drew from his experience in senior roles at Kellogg's and Heinz as well as market research to bring a product to market that gave consumers the option of a delicious, healthy grab-and-go snack that was naturally nutritious but more exciting than a sad, bruised banana at the counter of a coffee shop. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their products to try and give my verdict.

Espresso So & So

Real Handful's original product idea took its inspiration from trail mix which Joe first discovered on a trek in the Grand Canyon. Classic trail mix is originally American and is a mix of nuts, fruit, and chocolate; the perfect portable snack to take on hikes or other outdoor pursuits. This means it lends itself perfectly to Joe and Carly's intention of producing a healthy grab-and-go snack.

The Espresso So & So snack takes this idea to the next level by introducing coffee crème sultanas, almonds, dark chocolate coated coffee beans and jumbo peanuts into the mix. These luxury ingredients are so different from anything I'd tried before so I wasn't really sure what to expect!

As soon as you open the packet, the strong aroma of coffee hits you square in the face - whether this is good or bad is down to your personal preferences but I loved it. I loved the flavour of the coffee-infused natural ingredients as it puts a really interesting and original twist on a classic and potentially boring snack. If you're a coffee lover, this would be a dream for you and even if you're not, it's still delicious.

The handy 35g bag stops you from over-indulging with only 174 calories per pack and a punchy 5.1g of protein. This is the ideal snack to have when mid-morning hunger strikes at work or during an endurance event when you need a hit of energy. Plus, it's high in fibre and vegan friendly so everyone's a winner!

Espresso So & So Real Handful Healthy Snack Product Review Sundried

Strawberry Stomp

As with the Espresso So & So, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Strawberry Stomp snack. Before I read the details, I assumed it might contain freeze-dried strawberries which would be great as I love those. The pack does contain dried strawberries but to my surprise the strawberry flavour also comes from juice-infused jumbo raisins which seems like a very original idea and really exciting. 

As with the Espresso So & So flavour, this snack is packed with delicious nuts and seeds which pack a punch of protein and really curb any hunger pangs you may be having while still being low in calories. This is a great natural snack that would be perfect for kids and adults alike.

Strawberry Stomp nuts seeds fruit healthy snacks review

Blackcurrant Blast

This flavour was one of my favourites as the blackcurrants add a delightful tang while the nuts ground you. I reached for this packet when I was feeling peckish at my desk and it was the perfect solution to mid-morning hunger. You don't want something heavy before lunch but it's satisfying enough to tide you over until it's time for a proper meal.

nuts seeds fruit healthy snack grab and go

Mint Choc Chipper

If you've read any of my previous snack reviews, you'll know that I'm a big fan of mint chocolate chip and so I was very excited to try Real Handful's jovially named Mint Choc Chipper snack. As with the Espresso So & So's coffee aroma, the refreshing mint hits you very strongly which is a big tick for me. In line with Joe's original idea, the chocolate adds a real luxury and treat to this snack and makes it truly delicious.

This would be a great snack for kids to take to school in their lunchbox as the chocolate will entice them in while the natural ingredients and handy pack size will help them stay healthy. 

mint choc chipper healthy snack ideas lunch kids lunchboxes recipes


I really love the simplicity of these snacks: you can see exactly what you're getting and the ingredients are so natural and whole that you know there are no nasty surprises. I love the design branding on the packets and the bright colours and handy pack sizes mean these would be absolutely perfect for kids. Whether for fuelling before and after exercise or just to satisfy a sweet tooth, these snacks are great. It's a 10 from me!

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