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Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbreads Review

by Alexandra Parren
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Easy Bean Christina Baskerville Sundried Product Review

Easy Bean was founded Christina Baskerville who grew up on a farm and has always appreciated the health benefits of pulses (beans, lentils, and peas). After spending time working in tropical agriculture in Africa and Latin America, Christina realised how simple but delicious beans can be and that they deserve a higher 'culinary status'. She found that there are famous bean-based dishes in many countries, but not so much in the UK, so she set out to change that by producing delicious one-pot meals. Easy Bean's newest products are their chickpea crispbreads which I had the pleasure of trying.

Cheddar Crunch

The cheddar crunch crispbreads boast fantastic nutritional values, with nearly 15g of protein per 100g. The biscuits are a great thickness and texture, they are not so thin that they just break apart and they are not too crumbly. They are delicious on their own, but Easy Bean also have plenty of topping ideas available on their website. These crispbreads are incredibly moreish and before long I found I had eaten the entire packet! They'd make great party foods topped with different spreads and vegetables, and it's good to know there are no nasty surprises or artificial ingredients in them. 

Seaweed & Sesame

I was dubious about the seaweed flavour before I tried it as I don't have a great track record with this flavour! However, these crispbreads are absolutely delicious, and like the cheddar flavour they're great to eat even just on their own. The flavour of the seaweed creeps through in a subtle way without being overpowering, but it's definitely there. Seaweed has some great health benefits, including a rich supply of minerals such as calcium and iron, and it is also rich in protein and folic acid. The crispbreads are so moreish, but thankfully they are a guilt-free treat as the ingredients are all natural. 


I love that Easy Bean shares Sundried's ethos of caring for the planet and sustainability. I think it's great that Christina has set out to promote the benefits of beans as they are quite an underrated ingredient in the UK. This unique concept is sure to be successful, and Easy Bean's flavoursome and interesting recipes mean that they stand out from the crowd in the frankly saturated health food market. These crispbreads are delicious and make the perfect snack, so it's a 10 from me!

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