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Jrny Protein Powder - Product Review

As a woman, the world of protein supplements can feel very overwhelming. Lots of shakes designed with women in mind are branded as 'diet' or 'meal replacement'. Jrny, a protein supplement brand targeted towards women, without the toxic undertones of diet culture, was founded to combat this. 

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The idea for jrny was born when Jamal Ramsay, a sports scientist and Health Advisor at BUPA, discovered from the women he spoke to, that many of them were turned off protein powders, despite suffering from a range of common nutritional deficiencies. He and close friend Jamal Ayton-Brown decided that they could incorporate a blend of vitamins into a protein powder to combat these deficiencies, but would also be focused on wellness rather than weight loss, and be representative of all women at all stages of their fitness journey. 

What makes jrny special?

In the male dominated world of protein powders, jrny offer a fresh take on protein supplements for women. They provide high quality, science based nutrition (their website offers a personalised nutrition quiz to ensure you choose the right option for your needs), whilst also fighting against diet culture. They also cater towards those with a vegan diet, providing pea and white hemp options as well as the traditional whey protein. 

They also care about the planet, and strive to be sustainable and ethical. All of their packaging is recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

Nutritional Information

BOXD protein powder nutritional info

Jrny protein powders have a good amount of protein at 21g per 30g serving, and I love the abundance of extra vitamins. Jrny give an overview of the benefits of each vitamin on their site. Some things I was particularly impressed to see were Flaxseed (which can help improve digestive health, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and reduce the risk of cancer & cardiovascular disease) and Vitamin B Complex (which is particularly good for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding, as well as supporting a myriad of things such as cell health, digestion, energy levels, hormone production, and brain function).

BOXD Nutrition

So what did we think?

We were lucky enough to be sent some packets of Vegan Pea and White Hemp protein powder to try. They have two flavour combinations: Madagascan Vanilla and Double Chocolate Brownie. As someone who is just restarting their fitness journey after some time off, I was excited to try the powders and see if they helped in my training. I've always had a bit of a fear of protein shakes and worried about them tasting a bit too artificial.

Firstly, I was very impressed with the packing when it arrived. Individual sachets were packaged inside a branded cardboard (recyclable) box, and branded tissue paper. I was also happy to see that they had included a printout of nutritional information, as it was somewhat difficult to read on the sachet itself.

Having recipe ideas on the back of the sachets was also a stroke of genius, because the very first thing I did was get our resident chef (i.e the mum of the office) to make some protein balls with the Double Chocolate Brownie powder. She did adapt the recipe slightly, just adding some more dates to change the texture, and some cacao nibs and peanut butter just for fun! These protein balls were an absolute hit in the office, we definitely got through them faster than we should have!

Sundried BOXD Protein Balls

I was a little apprehensive to try the powders on their own as a shake, but I was pleasantly surprised. The mixture blended really smoothly, and wasn't gritty at all. I found that I could definitely taste the flavours but they weren't too sweet or overpowering. That being said, I did find it hard to finish a whole shake, but I think that is down to more personal preference rather than because of jrny flavours. I really enjoyed adding the vanilla flavoured powder to my fruit smoothies, especially ones with strawberry and banana. I found that the vanilla shake on its own just didn't excite me as much. I also enjoyed using the Double Chocolate Brownie Powder to add to my porridge, as it gave the porridge a nice chocolatey flavour, which worked well with peanut butter. 

With regards to the health benefits, I did find that I had more energy during my workouts and felt fuller for longer. 

Final thoughts

All in all, I really enjoyed getting to try jrny's protein powders. I'm not sure I'm a full convert to protein shakes using just the powder, but I can safely say that I would definitely consider using jrny protein powder to add to my porridge, granola bowls or smoothies, and will also be using it to add to some more baked products! I also love that jrny offer vegan options as well as the traditional whey protein and the fact that the powder contains vitamins and minerals specifically included to aid women's health. 

If you want to try jrny out for yourself, head over to their website or check out their instagram here.

Thanks again to our friends at jrny for kindly letting us try their flavours.

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