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Adidas Ultraboost ST Women's Shoes Review

adidas ultraboost st womens shoes review sundried

The Adidas Ultraboost ST women’s shoes are the ultimate combination of both style and substance, making for an attractive yet athletic pair of high quality running trainers.


The Primeknit upper is very reminiscent of Nike’s Flyknit technology and makes for an incredibly comfortable fit. As with the Nike Flyknit, Adidas’ Primeknit fabric is super soft and pliable meaning it fits around your foot like a sock and is fairly stretchy.

I find that a lot of running trainers these days come up small and tight, however I found the opposite was true with the Adidas Ultraboost ST shoes and they actually come up a little large. For me this is a big bonus as your feet inevitably swell during a run so having a little extra room allows for this to happen without pain developing. It also means your toes are not pushing against the front of the shoe so you are less likely to develop blisters or damage your toenails. The Primeknit upper also gives a great locked-in feel and provides excellent support meaning your foot doesn’t slip around in the shoe, another big tick from me.


I absolutely love the appearance of these shoes. Finding a pair of stability trainers that aren’t overly chunky and unappealing can be a struggle, but Adidas have really nailed it with their stylish and subtle design. The Primeknit upper looks modern and fresh and the colourways are muted and attractive. The minimalist design means that the Adidas Ultraboost ST women’s shoes don’t look like typical running trainers and I found myself wearing them as lifestyle trainers, too. I love how understated the iconic ‘three-stripes’ are as they blend in with the rest of the design.


The Adidas Ultraboost ST women’s trainers are surprisingly heavy at 294g, compared to 178g for the Nike Free RN Flyknit trainers and 245g for Hoka One One’s super chunky stability trainers, the Gaviota. However, this does not seem to affect their performance, and I find that stability trainers needs to be on the heavier side in order to provide the support I need.

The main selling point of these shoes is the Ultraboost technology. Adidas teamed up with leading chemical company BASF to innovate their midsole cushioning, which is made of a solid, granular material TPU which they expand into a styrofoam-like material. This cutting-edge construction has completely changed the game when it comes to performance running trainers and they really do the job well. These shoes are incredibly springy and in fact don’t feel heavy at all. The locked-in feel from the impressive design means your foot and sneaker move as one allowing for an uninterrupted ride and excellent performance.

The stability provided by the dual-density Boost cushioning gives great support and my feet definitely felt corrected when wearing these shoes.


Considering the incredible appearance and performance of these shoes, I feel that the premium price tag of £149.95 is well-earned. It’s definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, however Nike’s latest running trainers are terrifyingly nearing the unheard of £200 mark (£194.95 for the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit iD trainers) so in comparison this doesn’t seem so bad. 


The Adidas Ultraboost ST Women’s trainers are an incredibly impressive pair of shoes. They are wholly unique in that they look great but still perform, providing you with everything you deserve from a pair of stability running shoes. The Ultraboost technology has taken a long time to develop but it’s definitely worth it, while the motion control and sturdy heel make for a fluid and bouncy ride. Their appearance is fantastic and the fact they double up as both running and lifestyle trainers means the premium price tag is well worth it.

These trainers are for you if:

  • You overpronate/have flat feet
  • You run medium distances
  • You are also looking for everyday shoes

These trainers are not for you if:

  • You have a limited budget
  • You prefer a barefoot ride
  • You do a lot of sprinting or are a marathon runner
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