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Castelli Gabba 2 Long Sleeve Review

by Daniel Puddick
Castelli Gabba 2 Windstopper Cycling Jacket Review Sundried

The Castelli Gabba 2 is a soft shell, wind-stopper jacket and is an upgrade from the Gabba 1 that is a piece of kit you need to add to your cycling wardrobe. 

The Gabba is designed for foul weather and every last detail of the design has protection in mind. After a 2-hour ride in -2 degrees Celsius, my core was still a bearable temperature, although my hands and feet felt like they were going to fall off!

Gabba Windstopper Technology


This really is a nice fitting piece of kit and although a tighter fit than the Gabba 1, it is not restrictive at all. The neck has a really nice lining that wicks away sweat. The cut and stitching have the consideration of comfort and protection from the wind. 

Gabba 2 Soft Neck Liner

Arm Logo Castelli

On the chest, the vented openers are much easier to open one-handed than on the Gabba 1 and provide a quick way to allow in some much-needed air ventilation without having to open the front zip and suffer from an aerodynamic disadvantage of a flapping jacket.

Front Zip Covered to Protect from the wind

Technical Design

The Gabba 2 is so smooth that the cold seems to bounce straight off it. Aero development means the wind will pass on by, so not only will it keep you warm, it will make you dynamically faster. Designed for an outdoor active lifestyle, the Gabba 2 offers maximum breathability; the fabric allows for moisture vapour to easily escape. If you have ever ridden in a fully waterproof jacket, you may have found that you ended up dripping wet anyway from the sweat. The Gabba 2 protects you from this and keep you drier. 

Rear of the Jacket - Pockets and Reflector

Castelli Rosso Corsa

The Gabba 2 jacket has the Rosso Corsa stripe on the chest which is the international motor racing colour of cars entered by teams from Italy. Castelli uses this badge for their products dedicated to speed and performance. Castelli Rosso Corsa products can help with blood flow, muscle support, and temperature regulation, as well as smoothing the air flow around the body in real world situations. This means that the Gabba 2 is highly fine-tuned to be aerodynamic and allow you to achieve your best performance ever.

Castelli Gabba 2 vs Gabba 1

I have been riding wearing the Gabba 1 since 2013 and it has been used at least twice a week. The jacket has been the core and default choice for most weather conditions. Used all year round, the jacket really has lasted and earned the price I paid for it. The Castelli Gabba 2 has improved upon the Gabba 1 in many ways, from the covered zip on the chest to air flow in the back of the jacket, easier zips to open, improved waistband, and a better cut. The fabric has developed and offers more warmth and wind protection. 

Castelli Gabba 1 Vs Gabba 2

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