So for commuting you may want to wear a non-race helmet. A skater style helment typically worn by the 'cool kids'. The POC commuter helmet is a cross between a typical skate style helmet, an aero road helmet and a standard commuter style helmet. 

POC Helmet Review Crane Commuter


  • Dent Resistance Construction
  • Progressive core dual density liner - more on that later
  • Light Weight - yes it is much lighter than it looks. 
  • Full wrap shell for increased durability
  • Odor Control Technology from Polygine. I guess the last thing you want is a head that pongs, although I am not sure I have ever suffered from that personally. 

POC Crane Commuter Helmet

    The commuter helmet is a term apparently used first by by Bell in 2004 when they introduced their Metro model. To most it means a rounded in shape helmet rather than the typical elongated road helmet that we are more used to seeing. 

    POC Crane Commuter Helmet Cycling


    Protection should be the first thing you consider when buying a helmet, but realistically it may not be a consideration at all. Most people I know when buying a helmet, 90% of the choice is looks and colour. Let's assume the CE mark will protect us. It's a polycarbonate shell, so that will take care of most knocks and bumps. It has a nice thick layer of polystyrene material inside that (of course it will be a more fancy and dense substance than what your TV is packaged in) and plenty of padding. I would say as helmets go this will offer top protection. 


    Ventilation is a big consideration when buying a typical road helmet. Especially if you are planning a big tour in Europe in summer. Bit it is probably less of a consideration in the UK. Being a commuter helmet, typically pre 9am and post 5:30 keeping your head cool is probably at the end of the list. This helmet has 10 large vents and the padding keeps a nice air flow round your head. It is surprisingly well vented. 


    Being used to a typical road helmet this helmet is much thicker in material and thicker in padding. I am not crash testing this, or hitting it with a hammer but I would rather be wearing this helmet if I was to take a blow in the top of my head. The padding makes this helmet feel like it is sitting on a velvet cushion on your head. Luxury at its finest!

    In the rain

    There is no visor on this style of helmet so any rain is coming straight down. However as the material is fairly thick around your entire head it does have about 1 inch overlap on your head. Less than a typical visor but still enough to keep a bit of rain out of your eyes. 

    POC Crane Commuter Helmet Profile

    Fit and Adjustments

    POC Crane Commuter Helmet Magnetic Strap

    Under the chin the commuter bike helmet fastens with a magnetic clip and the length can be adjusted from one side.

    At the rear of the helmet are two push fits so you can change each side independently to get a snug fit on your skull. It is very easy to get a nice snug fit and it stays in place. Sunglasses will sit under the straps on this helmet. The straps come from the centre and meet under your chin. It is not possible to have the arms of your sunglasses over the straps. 

    What do POC say?

    The award winning Crane is a lightweight helmet with a dent resistant construction where POC has implemented a new kind of liner, combining two different densities. The stiffer outer part deals with higher energy impacts while the inner provides protection for lower energy impacts. The Crane has a considerably thicker shell than normal in-mould helmets, further improving the durability. The unique size adjustment system makes it possible to customise the fit of the helmet to ensure it stays safe and comfortable in place.
    • Progressive core, dual density EPS liner
    • In-mould construction
    • Extra tough outer shell to prevent denting
    • Size adjustment system
    • Strap anchors moulded inside the line
    • Maximised ventilation

    POC Crane Commuter Helmet Front Photo

    Overall this is a really comfy helmet and it feels solid and well made. It is definitely a design statement and if you are after a commuter shaped helmet then this is an excellent choice. Great fit, nice padding and importantly looks very cool.