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    UK brand Sundried is run by a team of triathletes and personal trainers. 

    To develop the Sundried Ortler Trousers we took the wish-list from ourselves and other athletes to deliver the ultimate pair of activewear trousers. 

    Some of the feedback we have included in our finished product include:

    Pockets..... oh, and pockets with zips

    The Ortler trousers have two zipper pockets on each thigh and easy access hand pockets. Ideal for your keys, mobile and other things you do not want to leave and forget about in a corner of the gym. 


    "I'm crouching down with my clients." "I need to squat." "I need trousers that can flex." The Ortler trousers have full flex enabling the deepest of squats. 


    To be classed as 'All Day Active' the Sundried Ortler trousers have been designed to be suitable for most work environments. 


    I need trousers that will perform.... We have tested the Sundried Ortler trousers on the bike. Running. Stretching. In group classes. In private classes. They are superior to any other trousers we have tested. 

    All day active

    I wear my gym gear all day. I may get on my bike. I need my trousers to perform but also be really comfortable to wear.... 

    We have designed the Ortler trousers for all day comfort. The Ortler trousers may well be the most comfortable pair of trousers you ever own. 


    Sundried products are hand-made in Portugal. Low in carbon. We promote wellness in all aspects of the supply chain. And with all purchases, we pledge a donation to our charity partner. So you can feel good about buying them and feel great wearing them. 

    Full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your trousers. 

    As a new customer while stock lasts we will include a Sundried water bottle and a free Ortler t-shirt worth £40 with your order for the ultimate all-day active trousers. 

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