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A Day In The Life: Elia and Carly

by Alexandra Parren

Elia Press Ups Gym Chest Core Strength

Ever wondered what PTs really get up to in a day? What do they eat? How do they train? And how they stay in such good shape? Sundried will be bringing you a new series, A Day In The Life, where each week we bring you the day in the life of a different ambassador. They'll be explaining what they eat, how they train, and what makes them tick over the course of an average day. We start with personal trainer ambassadors Elia and Carly Siaperas. 

Gold Standard Whey Protein Optimum NutritionWe start the day with oats, banana, and whey protein. The protein keeps us full throughout the morning and the carbohydrates from the oats and banana are slow releasing which helps keep us going throughout the day with our training and classes.

Elia Studio London Gym Personal Trainer

We train our personal training clients at our PT studio in North London. We help them achieve their goals by motivating them.

Flex Personal Trainer Bicep Strong Gym Smiling

Time for Elia to do his morning workout. Today it's an athletic upper body workout.

  1. Power push-ups
  2. Clean and Press
  3. Bear Crawls
  4. Barbell Shoulder Press
  5. Squat Curl and Press
  6. Kettle Bell Swings

Tea Porridge Apple Healthy Eating Nutrition

It's important to eat post-workout so that your body can recover properly and you can get maximum results from your efforts. We have a cup of tea, an apple, and more oats and whey. 

Green Salad Tuna Protein Healthy Nutrition

Lunch time! Today's lunch is a high volume green salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of tuna for protein.

Chocolate Yogurt Tasty Snack

If you have a sweet tooth, one square of dark chocolate or Greek yogurt does the trick! 

Home Workout Garden Kettlebell Squat

In the afternoon, Carly does a home workout as she struggles to get to the gym with our son. This is how her workout is looking today:

  1. Kettle Bell Swings
  2. Quick Feet
  3. Burpees
  4. Squat and Press
  5. Forward Lunges

Carrots Hummus Tasty Snack

Another post-workout snack. This time it is carrots and hummus, perfect to keep us going before dinner. 

Chicken Salad Protein Healthy Dinner

Ah finally, time for dinner! A hearty chicken salad with bread, providing a good balance of carbs and protein after a tough day.

Casein Oats Chocolate Chips Bedtime Snack

Bed time! We have Casein protein mixed with oats and topped with chocolate chips as a bedtime treat. 

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