Sundried share our success, not just by donating to charity, but by sharing our training with you so that we can all become more successful with our training, be it one more rep, one minute off your run or trying something new entirely.

Triathlete Daniel Puddick

We are constantly researching, learning, trialling and testing new programmes and exercises and will share our knowledge with you.

In return our Sundried customers do the same, from Triathletes to surfers, runners to weight lifter’s, our customers share their stories with us to become part of the Sundried story.

At Sundried we want you to look and feel your best.

Sometimes that may take a little extra encouragement, or sometimes you may just want some new ideas or a peer into our athletes training regimes and how they balance their training and social life.

These pages are filled with the secrets of successful athletes.

Do you have a story you want to share with us? Are you an athlete with tips from the top?