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Pulsin Protein Energy Bar Review

by Alexandra Parren
Pulsin Protein Energy Bar Sundried Review

Pulsin is a homegrown UK brand developed by three friends who met at university in Bristol. They started making their homemade protein balls in their own kitchen in 2005 and business boomed from there. They even still make the first ever flavour that they developed, the goji burst. I was delighted to try some of their delicious vegan protein bars, especially with their exciting new look!

Pulsin's bars are a lot lower in sugar than other protein and energy bars on the market which is a great start. They only use natural sweeteners like agave nectar from the cactus plant and xylitol from tree bark. This means that you don't end up having a sugar crash after eating one of their bars! They also share Sundried's ethics for protecting the planet and being passionate about sustainability. They use minimal packaging and they even power their business with 100% renewable energy! This is something that Sundried can really get behind.

Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie Protein Energy Booster

Peanut Choc Chip Raw Brownie

Well, the name sounds very inviting so I couldn't wait to try this bar! It has a lovely thick outer chocolate coating and a deep taste of peanuts throughout. The bar has a great chocolate taste without being too bitter and it is very moreish! Even though it is chocolate flavoured it is still vegan which is fantastic and it packs a powerful blend of magnesium, fibre, vitamins and minerals so you know you're getting a health boost too. It is very decadent and delicious so would be great as a healthy dessert option.

Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster

This was my absolute favourite bar. It has the exact taste and texture of cookie dough! It's unbelievably tasty and I could eat these every day! Each bar packs 13g of protein which is great for a vegan snack. The high protein and fibre content means you stay fuller for longer after eating it and don't end up with sugar cravings. 

Maple and Whey Crisp

The maple and whey crisp bar is not vegan as it contains whey for protein content, however it is vegetarian and gluten-free so still has some good health benefits. Pulsin uses real Canadian maple syrup in this bar which adds a touch of luxury and provides a subtle sweet taste without the aid of nasty artificial sweeteners. There is 15g of protein in each bar and only 9g of sugar which is very good compared to many other energy bars which can easily contain in excess of 20g of sugar.

Pulsin Protein Booster Sundried Review


I love that Pulsin shares the same ethical values as Sundried and that they feel so strongly about providing healthy, nutritious products which are still high in protein and low in sugar. Their bars have competitive nutritional value compared to others on the market and the taste is unbelievable! I was blown away by how delicious these bars are and they're so palatable. I can't fault them, it's a 10!

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