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Topo Women's Speed Trainer Review

by Alexandra Parren
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Topo Womens Speed Trainer Review

Who Are Topo?

Topo is an athletics brand that was founded in 2013 by Tony Post (hence Topo). Tony competed in cross country running at university in Oklahoma and spent many years developing and making shoes for a brand in the US. After years of trialling and testing shoes, he decided to start his own athletics brand, and thus Topo Athletics was born.

Design and Comfort

Aesthetically, these look very similar to my Vivo Barefoot trainers and they are equally lightweight, but there is a substantial difference in support. Although the Topo's padding is minimal, it felt far more cushioned than my other barefoot shoes. Topo’s designer Tony Post helped launch the Vibram Fivefinger Shoes, so it’s no surprise that elements of the five-fingered shoe are reflected in these trainers.

Topo Womens Speed Trainer Review Top and Underneath

The original design of these trainers actually separated the larger toe to encourage the wearer to make more agile use of all of their foot. However, after runners tested the style, they decided they preferred a more familiar closed front.

The First Run

The lack of heel-to-toe drop is designed to encourage a better running posture and it did feel like I was running with better technique while wearing the Topo Speed Trainers. My first impression of these trainers was good, although they don’t call them 'Speed Trainers' for nothing; sprinting is definitely going to be where these trainers earn their stripes.

Topo Womens Speed Trainer On the Road

The Sprint Test

The Topo Women's Speed Trainers are so lightweight you feel like you're not wearing any trainers at all, apart from the cushioning. The foam padding around the ball of the foot and wide toe box is perfect for driving off as fast as possible and left me supported and yet totally in control of every stride. This made sprinting very fun and easy!

Topo Athletic Out on a run


I was really impressed with these trainers; you can tell that they are designed with purpose and they perform with ease. The style is well suited for both indoor and outdoor activity and encourage a barefoot running style which can be beneficial for some runners.

Topo Womens Speed Trainer Jumping

Topo Athletic Photo on the run

Topo Closeup Photo

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