New Balance Vazee Pace Trainers Review Sundried

The New Balance Vazee Pace are a pair of trainers that I am quite looking forward to testing out. The forefoot support seems perfect and just where my feet strike - they are claimed responsive with light foam that helps energise every stride. It certainly is a neutral cushioned shoe without a large loaded heel. The neutral running shoe is designed for your foot to run in a more natural position. We are not going to fix the topic of correct running position, heel strikes or toe strikes right now but let’s assume for now that the better and correct and appropriate way to run is the mid part of the foot striking the ground first.

New Balance Vazee Pace Review

The first test run for the trainers is a 10k with a few flights of stairs thrown in at the end for good measure. The shoes have enough cushioning to allow you to strike the floor taking the sting out of the impact, but they are responsive enough to get the natural feel from the tarmac. Another very good thing about these shoes is the width of them. If you are used to something a little roomier than the typical running shoe then these are for you. You may want to order a size up as they do come in a little small in length, but these shoes are not restrictive at all.

When it comes to climbing up steps, the shoes are light enough not to get in the way of your stride. The cushioning is limited and the grip is very effective.


The New Balance Vazee Pace trainers are a fantastic pair of running shoes which are cleverly designed and provide an excellent amount of support for the seasoned runner. The cushioning is comfortable and they boast a generous width so as not to restrict your feet. For a more detailed analysis, have a watch of our video below.