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Sundried Supports Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day

by Alexandra Parren
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Today we’re supporting Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Jamie Oliver is making the biggest live Facebook video ever created in order to support his food revolution campaign. The food revolution campaign aims to group people together in support of children everywhere having access to good, fresh, and nutritious food.

We live in a world of extremities. Right now, 41 million children under 5 are overweight, whilst 159 million are so undernourished they can’t grow properly. Globally, we waste enough food to feed the world’s hungry four times over. Not only is food waste immoral, it’s unnecessary. With his initiative, Jamie Oliver aims to get the attention of governments at the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva on May 23 to tackle the child nutrition crisis.

The Food Revolution is all about education. With better food education, people can make better choices with what is available to them, wherever they are in the world. The Food Revolution reminds us that to sustain nutritious food for now and for the future, we need to care for the planet that produces it, linking up individuals, food and the environment to create a sustainable, healthy food system on both a commercial and a domestic level.

Jamie Oliver says: “In essence, the Food Revolution is about each and every one of us taking a stand. And that doesn’t mean we all need to make radical changes – we all have the power to contribute to the bigger picture simply by making the effort to act positively in small profound ways, whether that’s cooking with our kids, reading up on current food issues, sharing what we learn with those around us or buying a better product that supports a fairer system – it all counts.

It’s about building a community of people – experts, parents, communities, policy makers, activists, scientists, you, me – and turning that collective noise into a powerful movement, harnessing technology to elevate our voices into one loud, united choir. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try to make a difference, and the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this, suggests that you feel the same way.”

There are currently over 2,000 ambassadors in more than 115 countries, including celebrities such as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, celebrity chefs such as Donna Hay and bloggers such as clean eating Alice and Arron Crascall.

Sundried is an ethical company which supports charity Water for Kids, providing children in need with clean water. These children also need access to food supplies and we believe supporting the right nutrition here in the UK as well as globally is essential.

As the Food Revolution supports everyone understanding what they are buying, and having the knowledge to make conscious, well-informed decisions on the ethics behind their produce, it is a revolution Sundried fully supports.

Fitness is as much about having a healthy diet as it is having a healthy exercise regime in place. 

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