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Black Sleeveless Top

The ultimate in athletic design. The sleeveless top is a mark of fitness, revealing chiseled arms with a fit designed for performance and function. Sleeveless tops are perfect for those who train hard, highlighting toned arms and allowing freedom to move and breathe through their sleeveless design.

Black Sleeveless Top

Sleeveless top usage

The sleeveless top is often worn in sports, particularly basketball and track and field events. In the U.S, it’s often referred to as a “tank top”. Here in the UK we tend to call it a “vest” or even a “singlet”. In the Philippines, when used as an undershirt it is called a “sando”. In Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal in India it is called  “sando-genji”, in other eastern states of India it is called “Sando-ganji”. In Northern and Central India it is known as a “Banian” and is used extensively as an undershirt to absorb sweat and prevent its penetration to outer layers of clothing. In France it is commonly called a "marcel" since its first large-scale production by Marcel Eisenberg for the Parisian handlers during the mid 19th century, or more formally a "débardeur", from the name of a trade.

Sleeveless tops are often worn for all day activity in the warmer months as the freedom of sleevless allows for better ventilation to keep cool in warm summer months, perfect for the all day active. Often worn alone under casual settings, as loungewear, or while completing gardening or other chores around the home.

Athlete running in Sundried Black Sleeveless Top

Sleeveless tank top design

The build of a sleeveless T shirt is simple with neck and armholes which are reinforced for durability. A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width.

Why do they call it a tank top?

It may surprise you but the term ‘tank top’ has nothing to do with tanks. In fact, the name tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's swimsuit with shoulder straps. The “tank” suit gained its name in the 1920s because it was worn in a swimming “tank”, which we now refer to as "swimming pools."

Gym sleeveless T shirt features

A good sleeveless tank will have all the features you need, as well as useful extras you never thought of such as the dom tank’s reflective shoulder strips, helping to keep you safe and visible in low lighting conditions.


Sleeveless t shirts designed with the gym in mind should focus on being as lightweight as possible. The main reason this top has been designed as sleeveless is to be cooler and therefore adding extra weight through the material choice defeats the point. Opt for lightweight materials which have been designed for gym use. Cotton is not one of them. Cotton absorbs sweat and will weigh you down during your workout. The most lightweight fabrics include nylon, polyester, and spandex.


Gym tanks need to allow your skin to breathe. What do we mean by this? When we workout, we sweat and if our skin has no freedom to breathe, this sweat is then trapped between our workout top and our skin. The sweat isn’t removed and can a) cause chafing and irritation and b) smell. Technical fabrics are designed with this in mind and wick sweat, making sure you can perform at your best.

Freedom of Movement

The shoulder has the greatest range of motion than any other joint in the body, so when training, it needs the freedom to move. Going sleeveless allows the shoulder joint to move without restrictions of fabric. The dom tank features a lowered armhole to allow for extra freedom of movement to support your sport and maximise the range of motion for the shoulder. This is why this style of t shirt is particularly popular for sports such as netball and basketball which require a lot of freedom of movement to make winning shoots and passes.

Dom Tank Back

Stretch materials

4 way stretch materials enable freedom of movement. Synthetic materials can also stretch up to 600 times their size and then shrink back to their original shape. Stretch materials compliment your physique with a personalised fit as well as offer restriction free movement to enhance your training.

Secure Pockets

We might be willing to ditch the sleeves but not the security, the Dom Tank features a concealed zip pocket in the back lining of the body for essentials like keys and money. Secure pockets make training in the heat easy without having to carry extra weight such as a bag for these essentials.

Technical Fabrics

Technical fabrics are synthetic, which means they’re man made with the direct purpose of the end product. Every item of the Sundried collection has been crafted with technical fabrics designed for the all day active, to be both comfortable for daywear and functional for exercise and sports performance. The latest technical fabrics are created to allow moisture through the weave and wick it away from the body to evaporate on the surface, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable. Technical fabrics can also be waterproof, allowing you to get caught in the rain without feeling sweaty and wet. So bad weather’s no excuse. Technical fabrics stretch with your body and help to aid thermoregulation, keeping you from feeling overly hot or cold. This is what makes them the perfect choice for gym sessions.

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