• Womens Sleeveless Top

    womens sleeveless top gym vest

    One of the most popular items of women's fitness clothing is the sleeveless top or gym vest. Follow our guide to find out which type is best for you and for top style tips.

    Women’s Sleeveless Top Styles

    When it comes to working out there's a multitude of different style we can choose in a sleeveless gym shirt. Here are some of the best and most popular.

    Racer Back

    Racer back women's gym tops allow freedom of movement around the shoulder joint, ensure your straps stay in place whilst performing difficult moves, and allow your skin to breathe where it needs it most. Unlike traditional bra straps, a racer back top won't slip down your shoulders as you move and will be more responsive during a tough workout.

    Cut out

    Sleeveless tops with a cut out provide improved ventilation and a stylish, flattering style. Perfect for extra sweaty sessions and warm summer workouts, a cut-out gym top will allow your skin to breathe and for any perspiration to evaporate away and reduce the risk of chafing. Not only this, the cut outs can look incredibly fashionable and attractive. 


    Strappy tops are very popular in recent times as it becomes more of a fashion statement to let your colourful or patterned sports bra peek through. Strappy tops provide a flattering fit which is ultra lightweight, however support across the shoulders and chest is minimal so this fit is better for a more relaxed training session such as yoga or Pilates.

    Drop hole

    A drop hole style top is one with very loose arm holes which allows more freedom for your skin to breathe under your arms. These types of gym top are also great if you're worried about sweat patches as there is more space around the under arm instead of tight, clingy material. 

    Crop Tops

    Crop tops work well in summer or for strength training workouts where you don't necessarily need the protection. Working out in just a crop top or sports bra without a long vest over the top won't be for everyone, but some ladies prefer not to have close-fitting clothing restricting them and feel more relaxed and comfortable with less material. 


    Typically these are rocked by the men in the gym to flash their muscle, but women can rock the look too. A stringer fit allows freedom of movement at the shoulder blade and can work for women as long as they team it with a supportive sports bra.

    Womens Sleeveless Tank Top from Sundried

    Women’s Sleeveless Top Materials




    Whilst cotton may survive low - moderate intensity exercise, once you crank up the intensity, cotton no longer becomes soft on the skin but soggy and can leave an athlete soaked after a heavy workout.


    Polyester is the most popular choice because it is breathable, lightweight and dries quickly. It can however become frustratingly static.


    Nylon has similar features to polyester. It is both lightweight and strong. Nylon does not absorb much moisture, it is also fast-drying and easy to maintain.


    Spandex has the ability to stretch up to 500 percent of its original size and then recover its original shape. This material is also lightweight, making it ideal for fitness wear. One common form of spandex that is often seen in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fabric. Lycra is comfortable and breathable as well as quick-drying and resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet rays, and chlorine. This fabric also eliminates static cling and pilling.

    Women's Sleeveless Tops Style Tips

    1. Find a comfortable fit: Opt for tops which don’t drape or move too much if you're bending over. The last thing you want is for your clothes to be a distraction and mess up your workout.
    2. Function first: Always opt for functional wear, rather than what’s in fashion, some trends may end up impractical.
    3. Support: The right sports bra should support you enough that you shouldn't need any extra support from your gym t shirt, however often strapless tops have built in bras, these can be great for lower impact sports to wear bra free, or combine with your sports bra for higher impact workouts adding an extra layer of support.
    4. Choose technical: The chances are you’ve opted for sleeveless because you plan on getting sweaty, so go for a top made with technical fabrics which will help keep you dry during an intense workout and enhance your performance.

    Guide to buying a sleeveless top

    Buying workout clothes requires you to look for different things than when you're picking outfits for you regular wardrobe. Opt for companies who specialise in workout specific clothing rather than casual wear to get the best from your performance. The highest valued workout gear is almost always valued for its durability and how long the clothing will last. This style of clothing is put under far more pressure than your regular clothing and so needs to be more robust, as well as being capable of supporting your every flex and move.

    When buying a top, make sure you want to wear it. Your gym clothing can be motivational, without having a slogan. Gym Wear that looks good makes you feel good and encourages you to stick at it and achieve your fitness goals. 

    Tour Noir Vest from Sundried

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  • Men's Sleeveless T shirts

    vests stringers t shirts sleeveless muscle tank tops for men

    A sleeveless t-shirt, vest, or muscle tank should be a staple of your workout wardrobe. We look at why you should go sleeveless, types of sleeveless tops for men, and sleeveless t shirt dos and don'ts.

    Why go sleeveless?


    The lack of sleeves allows your skin to breathe where it needs it most, exposing your armpits and also reducing the risk of sweat patches. If you are a man who sweats a lot when working out, a sleeveless t shirt is perfect for you to keep you comfortable, especially one with sweat-wicking properties which will keep your skin dry and prevent chafing. 

    Freedom of movement

    A sleeveless t shirt for men allows for complete freedom of movement around the shoulder joint as there are no tight seems or sleeves to restrict you. Your shoulder offers the greatest range of motion out of all the joints so it can be really beneficial to not have any restrictions caused by material.


    Due to having less material than a men's gym t-shirt or long sleeved training top, sleeveless t-shirts provide the most lightweight protection for your sport. When it comes to training for speed and agility, you want a lightweight gym top that is going to give freedom of movement and not feel heavy or hold you down. Not only this, during the hot summer months when humidity can make training extra tough, you want to feel comfortable in a lightweight top that is going to sit on your skin and not feel heavy and uncomfortable. 


    Sleeveless t-shirts flatter an athletic physique and show off the body for which you've worked hard. If you hit the gym regularly and follow a strict diet, you'll want to be able to show off your toned physique and shapely muscles. If you are an athlete, you will also want to show off your athletic stature.

    Whilst these are great reasons to ditch your sleeves, this doesn’t mean you should be rushing off to cut all the sleeves off your t-shirts. The raw seams could fray and lead to chafing, whereas sleeveless t shirts are crafted to not rub the sensitive skin under your armpits and have a relaxed fit around the armpit to allow your skin to breathe where it needs it most.

    Men's sleeveless t-shirts vests gym tops for men

    Types of Sleeveless Shirt

    Typically, sleeveless tops come in two types: compression tight tops or muscle fit vests, each with their own purpose.


    Compression shirts are tight spandex clothing generally worn as a base layer under outer athletic apparel. There are lots of benefits to compression wear, as these types of shirts offer support while keeping the muscles warm, making them less become susceptible to cramps and strains. Compression sports apparel also helps to prevent chafing by providing a slick layer near the underarms. Although not necessary for a workout, compression shirts can increase comfort throughout exercise and are even thought to improve athletic performance.


    V-tapered workout shirts are designed with the bodybuilder, weightlifter, and professional athlete in mind. These shirts offer a deep v-tapered cut and are made of cotton with a mix of other synthetic blends. The shirt offers sections of porous, jersey-like weaves that allows increased airflow in areas with high perspiration, such as the underarms. This workout apparel is constructed to maximise a man's physique by highlighting his back and shoulder muscles, while minimising the waistline.

    Sleeveless T-Shirt for Working Out

    Sleeveless Dos and Don’ts

    Don’t: Do sleeveless and mesh. It may be cooling, but you will look ridiculous.

    Do: Wear sleeveless compression shirts under your men's gym wear. This can help with thermo-regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    Do: Balance a sleeveless top with the right bottoms. Longer shorts or tights balance out the extra flash of flesh up top.

    Don’t: Do a sleeveless shirt and bling, unless you are a famous rapper, in which case we'll let you off.

    Why Go Sleeveless

    Men's Sleeveless Workout Shirt Sizing

    When buying workout shirts, it is important to consider size. Men's activewear shirts should be in a comfortable fit and when it comes to sleeveless, you need to make sure you’re buying the right size to flatter your physique. Men can use the chart below to determine the correct size for their body type.

    Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
    Chest 35-38" 38-41" 41-44" 44-47" 47-50"
    Waist 28.75-31.25" 31.25-33.75" 33.75-36.25" 36.25-38.75" 38.75-41.25"
    Hips 35.75-38.25" 38.25-40.75" 40.75-43.25" 43.25-45.75" 45.75-48.25"
    Height 5'7"-5'9" 5'9"-5'11" 5'11"-6'1" 6'1"-6'3" 6'3"-6'5"


    Sleeveless Gym T shirt Materials


    Fabric Features
    Cotton Whilst cotton may survive  well during low to moderate intensity exercise, once you crank up the intensity, cotton no longer becomes soft on the skin but soggy and can leave an athlete soaked after a heavy workout.
    Polyester Polyester is the most popular choice because it is breathable, lightweight and dries quickly. It can, however, become frustratingly static, especially if your gym has a carpet flooring.
    Nylon Nylon has similar features to polyester. It is both lightweight and strong. Nylon does not absorb much moisture, it is also fast-drying and easy to maintain.
    Spandex Spandex has the ability to stretch up to 500 percent of its original size and then recover its original shape. This material is also lightweight, making it ideal for fitness wear. One common form of spandex that is often seen in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fabric. Lycra is comfortable and breathable as well as quick-drying and resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet rays, and chlorine. This fabric also eliminates static cling and pilling.


    Remember to always find gymwear that makes you feel as well as look good, if you feel good, you’ll get more from your workouts.

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  • Summer Workout Wear For Men And Women

    summer workout essentials

    Training throughout the summer can be tough, especially when battling a heatwave. We give you a run down of all your summer workout essentials and what to look for in summer activewear so you can sweat it out with no worries.

    Best Leggings For Women In The Summer

    Undoubtedly, the best leggings for women in the summer are Capri leggings. Named after the stunning isle of Capri in Italy, these leggings are cropped in length and present in a 3/4 length, meaning they finish just below the knee or mid-calf. If you don't feel comfortable working out in gym shorts but are getting too hot in your running leggings, cropped leggings are the answer.

    There are lots of types of cropped women's workout leggings to choose from as they can vary in length. Some will finish right at the knee while some may be a little longer and finish mid-calf. Choosing the right length for you will depend on how much movement you require and how much coverage and protection you need. If you do a lot of trail running, you will benefit from a slightly longer pair of leggings, while someone who practises a sport like tennis or running may enjoy the freedom of movement and temperature control from a short pair of leggings.

    Sundried cropped Capri leggings summer workout gear for women

    Mens Activewear Tops

    There are lots of different types of activewear tops for men to choose from, and plenty that are suitable for summer. Avoid the compression gear and base layers and opt for an ultra cool t-shirt or vest instead.

    Men's Ultra Cool Gym Top

    When the weather really heats up, an ultra cool gym top can be your saviour. There's nothing worse than sweating it out in a stuffy gym, so being comfortable in your men's gym top is paramount if you're going to have a good session. Look out for tops that feature superior sweat-wicking so that you don't experience chafing and super soft materials that are kind to your skin. 

    If you find you're constantly getting too hot during your workouts but you don't feel comfortable in a vest, then an ultra cool t-shirt is the perfect solution. The short capped sleeves will give added protection and activewear made from recycled materials can dry 200 times faster than cotton, meaning you won't be constantly drenched in sweat and suffering under a heavy t-shirt. 

    mens ultra cool gym top activewear outdoor summer workout

    Gym Vest For Men

    The ultimate top for working out the summer has to be a great gym vest. For men, you want your tank top to give adequate coverage and protection while still keeping you cool and allowing freedom of movement. Look out for sleeveless t-shirts which present flattering designs and motifs that accentuate your best features. 

    There are different types of gym vest for men from tank tops to sleeveless tees and racerback stringers. Depending on the type of training you do will help you to decide which style is best for you. Bodybuilders tend to opt for stringers as they can show off your hard-earned physique better, while a sportsman might need more protection and coverage from the fabric and so will go for a sleeveless t-shirt which is more structured. In any case, you want a gym top made with four-way stretch materials so that you can move as much as you need without being restricted. 

    sleeveless t shirt mens gym vest top

    Mens Gym T-Shirt

    The most classic of all styles is the gym t-shirt. Choose from more tight fitting designs which are great for running and cycling as they are more streamlined to a looser fit which is good for yoga or bodybuilding as you have more freedom of movement.

    In any case, you want a t-shirt that fits well, is flexible, and wicks sweat. Add to this smart designs and stylish lines and you have the ideal combination. Look for fitness clothing that is light in colour as this will reflect the sunlight and stop your clothing from absorbing too much heat. Also look out for premium materials such as recycled polyester as these dry very quickly and provide additional technology such as UV protection and anti-odour capabilities. This will mean your activewear is working with you to keep you comfortable under tough conditions.

    tight fitting gym top for men summer workout fitness clothing 

    Yoga Clothes For Women

    Yoga is something that is often done in high temperatures anyway - hot yoga anyone? - and so yoga clothing is often designed to be comfortable and withstand lots of sweating when it matters. As such, yoga clothes can be the perfect choice in the summer when you need something comfortable for your workouts. 

    Loose flowing yoga top

    If you don't need to be aerodynamic for your workout, a loose flowing yoga top will be perfect. The loose design will mean you have lots of freedom of movement and won't suffer from sweat-soaked fabric clinging to your body. It will also mean you can enjoy better air flow while you move and you are more likely to feel comfortable. 

    Sports bra crop top

    Yoga is a very low impact activity and as such you won't need an industrial-strength sports bra to keep you in place. This can be a huge benefit if you want to wear a very loose-fitting top as you can layer under it a crop top-style sports bra. Choosing a sports bra in a crop top style gives you more coverage and will mean it looks stylish and attractive on its own so you don't have to wear anything over it. 

    Women's shorts

    2-in-1 yoga shorts are the perfect choice as the compression-style under-short will give you protection and coverage no matter how much you contort your body, while the looser over-short will add style and features a subtle zip pocket for your valuables. 

    womens shorts yoga fitness clothing workout wear

    Seamless Activewear

    One of the worst things about training in the summer is suffering from itchy and chafing sportswear. If this affects you, then seamless activewear is the answer. This style of sportswear is a design innovation and means that itchy, chafing seams are a thing of the past. It's fully breathable and made with 4-way stretch materials so you can move as much as you need without being held back. The super soft materials are kind to your skin and will allow you to have a great workout without worrying about your activewear. 

    Water Bottle

    If you're working out in the summer, one of the most important things to have with you is a water bottle. These days, single-use plastic bottles are very much being scrutinised and rightly so. At Sundried, we believe in ethics and sustainability, which is why we developed our best-selling reusable water bottle so that you can help tackle the global plastic pollution problem and end the waste of single-use plastic. 

    Choosing a reusable water bottle can be good for your health, too. Our water bottle is BPA free meaning your health won't be compromised by prolonged exposure to the chemicals used to make certain plastics. Not only this, it is shatter-proof and leak-proof so you can throw it into your gym bag or even drop it off your bike and it won't flinch. Stay hydrated the right way!

    hydration water bottle reusable plastic BPA free

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  • Sundried Men’s Sleeveless Shirt Review

    Sundried Sleeveless Training Shirt

    Rob Osborne Team GB age group triathlete reviews the Sundried Dom Tank.

    "The first thing you notice when opening up the sundried package is the quality and attention to detail - it starts when the bag arrives through the post.

    There's a tag unique to that garment and stylish packaging and labels - this detail is also evident in the T Shirt itself from the stitching  to the quality of the fabric.

    Black Sundried Dom Training Tank

    It fits well with a handy discreet pocket that I can use to hold my gym card or whilst running outside. It's slightly stretchy (but not lycra stretchy) and wicks away the sweat well.

    All in all a top quality, stylish garment that does the job.

    The Dom sleeveless gym vest is designed to be suitable for a multitude of fitness activities, from running to weightlifting, triathlon to yoga. The flexible sleeve-free fit enables total freedom of movement and comfort, with sweat wicking fabrics keeping you cool and protected."

    Sundried sleeveless activewear


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  • Black Sleeveless Top

    The ultimate in athletic design. The sleeveless top is a mark of fitness, revealing chiseled arms with a fit designed for performance and function. Sleeveless tops are perfect for those who train hard, highlighting toned arms and allowing freedom to move and breathe through their sleeveless design.

    Black Sleeveless Top

    Sleeveless top usage

    The sleeveless top is often worn in sports, particularly basketball and track and field events. In the U.S, it’s often referred to as a “tank top”. Here in the UK we tend to call it a “vest” or even a “singlet”. In the Philippines, when used as an undershirt it is called a “sando”. In Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal in India it is called  “sando-genji”, in other eastern states of India it is called “Sando-ganji”. In Northern and Central India it is known as a “Banian” and is used extensively as an undershirt to absorb sweat and prevent its penetration to outer layers of clothing. In France it is commonly called a "marcel" since its first large-scale production by Marcel Eisenberg for the Parisian handlers during the mid 19th century, or more formally a "débardeur", from the name of a trade.

    Sleeveless tops are often worn for all day activity in the warmer months as the freedom of sleevless allows for better ventilation to keep cool in warm summer months, perfect for the all day active. Often worn alone under casual settings, as loungewear, or while completing gardening or other chores around the home.

    Athlete running in Sundried Black Sleeveless Top

    Sleeveless tank top design

    The build of a sleeveless T shirt is simple with neck and armholes which are reinforced for durability. A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width.

    Why do they call it a tank top?

    It may surprise you but the term ‘tank top’ has nothing to do with tanks. In fact, the name tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's swimsuit with shoulder straps. The “tank” suit gained its name in the 1920s because it was worn in a swimming “tank”, which we now refer to as "swimming pools."

    Gym sleeveless T shirt features

    A good sleeveless tank will have all the features you need, as well as useful extras you never thought of such as the dom tank’s reflective shoulder strips, helping to keep you safe and visible in low lighting conditions.


    Sleeveless t shirts designed with the gym in mind should focus on being as lightweight as possible. The main reason this top has been designed as sleeveless is to be cooler and therefore adding extra weight through the material choice defeats the point. Opt for lightweight materials which have been designed for gym use. Cotton is not one of them. Cotton absorbs sweat and will weigh you down during your workout. The most lightweight fabrics include nylon, polyester, and spandex.


    Gym tanks need to allow your skin to breathe. What do we mean by this? When we workout, we sweat and if our skin has no freedom to breathe, this sweat is then trapped between our workout top and our skin. The sweat isn’t removed and can a) cause chafing and irritation and b) smell. Technical fabrics are designed with this in mind and wick sweat, making sure you can perform at your best.

    Freedom of Movement

    The shoulder has the greatest range of motion than any other joint in the body, so when training, it needs the freedom to move. Going sleeveless allows the shoulder joint to move without restrictions of fabric. The dom tank features a lowered armhole to allow for extra freedom of movement to support your sport and maximise the range of motion for the shoulder. This is why this style of t shirt is particularly popular for sports such as netball and basketball which require a lot of freedom of movement to make winning shoots and passes.

    Dom Tank Back

    Stretch materials

    4 way stretch materials enable freedom of movement. Synthetic materials can also stretch up to 600 times their size and then shrink back to their original shape. Stretch materials compliment your physique with a personalised fit as well as offer restriction free movement to enhance your training.

    Secure Pockets

    We might be willing to ditch the sleeves but not the security, the Dom Tank features a concealed zip pocket in the back lining of the body for essentials like keys and money. Secure pockets make training in the heat easy without having to carry extra weight such as a bag for these essentials.

    Technical Fabrics

    Technical fabrics are synthetic, which means they’re man made with the direct purpose of the end product. Every item of the Sundried collection has been crafted with technical fabrics designed for the all day active, to be both comfortable for daywear and functional for exercise and sports performance. The latest technical fabrics are created to allow moisture through the weave and wick it away from the body to evaporate on the surface, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable. Technical fabrics can also be waterproof, allowing you to get caught in the rain without feeling sweaty and wet. So bad weather’s no excuse. Technical fabrics stretch with your body and help to aid thermoregulation, keeping you from feeling overly hot or cold. This is what makes them the perfect choice for gym sessions.

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