Question the Ethics

Sundried want you to be proud of where your clothing came from. We keep our production transparent so you can make your purchases responsibly.

We believe you cannot be a health and fitness brand without promoting health throughout your company, from production to purpose. Sundried’s factory staff are paid fairly and respected. We take pride in our partnerships which allows us to bring our products to you.

Transparent production

For you to share the Sundried ethos, when you receive your Sundried apparel, enter the unique code to find out about the product and its journey. Every item we sell is uniquely coded; we want to share the experience, care and attention to detail your garment has received. Right up to the point you first try on your Sundried product. You're looking after yourself. The least we can do is deliver you a product with the care and attention you put into your workouts, nutrition and way of life.

Factory Conditions

We ensure our factory conditions are safe, clean and have everything our staff need.

Our production manager regularly makes visits to our factories to ensure we maintain a strong relationship with our staff and that our production strategy remains both positive and effective.